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1998/3/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13773 Activity:very high
3/8     What is the user cron job policy on soda?  I'd like to run
        a job on daily basis, say, at 2AM.  Can I? - Analyzer
        \_ why don't you type crontab -e and find out?
        \_ Analyzer? uh yeah right.
                \_ IQ9!! IQ9!!
1998/3/9 [Uncategorized] UID:13774 Activity:very high 58%like:13785
3/8     I am looking for a ride to LA and back. Will pay gas. -nesim
        \_ when?
        \_ and where in LA?
                \_ It isn't *that* big.  Either you're going to LA at the
                   same time as nesim or you're not.
                        \_ Yeah?!  Well what if I thought he meant Louisiana?
                                \_ then youre an idiot and should be avoided
                   \_ Uh, well, some people use "LA" as a vague, amorphous
                      term that's roughly equivalent to "most of Southern
                      California".  If I was going to Westwood, and nesim
                      was going to somewhere in Orange County, I'd probably
                      say no.
                        \_ some people should be less vague and say SoCal
                           if they mean SoCal and LA if they mean LA
1998/3/9-10 [Computer/SW/Compilers] UID:13775 Activity:moderate
3/8     I'm looking for help with gcc/gdb for HP-UX 10.30.  I've got gcc
        compiled, but gdb refuses to compile.  If anyone knows of a site
        with pre-compiled binaries, or has compiled these on HP-UX 10.X
        before, please let me know.  -davidf
        \_ Also, if you have any ideas for other reliable compilers/
           debuggers for HP-UX, I'd be interested in those.  -davidf
                \_ Buy HP-SUX's langtools package. Other than gcc you're
                        out of luck.
1998/3/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13776 Activity:moderate
3/8     /tmp disk fills caused by leave huge files in tmp.  Please don't
        leave anything bigger the 5 Megs for more than a day or two -unofficial
        \_ ObRef to /csua/tmp --jon
1998/3/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13777 Activity:very high
3/9     What's the .finger entry for leaving messages on the server and
        also forwarding them somewhere else?
        \_ You mean .forward?  You mean email?  You mean what?
         \_ Whoops! I'm an idiot.  Yes, I mean .forward
          \_ read the "fucking" man page for forward. --aaron
          \_ try "\twink, twink@somewhere.else" in your .forward
            \_ The above is wrong.  Put "/dev/null" in your .forward.
1998/3/9-10 [Consumer/Camera] UID:13778 Activity:very high
3/8     ok more goodies for sale.  Brand new Sharp digital Camera. I
        bought 2...but my friend backed out.  So it's 3 days old.
        4 MB flash memory, 120 pictures max, 2.5" TTF screen, 640x480 res.
        TV output, doubles as digital video camera for vdo conferencing.
        $599 retail.  Give me a price!  I''m gonna have to eat this one.
        \_ Some friend.... 3 days old?  Return it.  This is America, God
           Damn It!  You have the natural born right to return anything you
           damn well please for no reason at all, get a full refund, *and*
           an apology from a pimply faced clerk for their having sold you a
           product you didn't desire.
           \_ he either bought it from one of those shady electronics shops
              in chinatown, or it's hot, or both. --aaron
                \_ Then he deserves to be screwed.
                        \_ HITRAN DESERVES TO BE SCREWED!!!
1998/3/9 [Recreation/Dating, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:13779 Activity:nil
3/8     Would someone please list all the available women on
        soda? - desperate
        \_ That's beyond desperate.
        \_ Would someone please list any soda guy worth dating? --female
           \_ Me
1998/3/9-11 [Computer/SW/RevisionControl, Industry/Jobs] UID:13780 Activity:very high 72%like:13791
3/9     What is ISO 9002 certification and why does everyone brag about
                \_ ISO 9002 is yet another ISO 9000 quality standard.
                everybody brags about it because nobody knows exactly
                what it is.     -muchandr
        \ Most companies get it since ISO 9000 cert.  is required to
        sell software in europe.
        \_ ISO 9000 certification has to do with making sure all your
           processes are documented, and that each document has a revision
           history and an owner.  They come in and ask you how you
           accomplish your job, then ask you to show them the documentation
           that coincides with your explanation.  It's actually not just
           marketing hype, it's something that most organizations should
           be doing anyway, but don't.  -tom
           \_ given the way most (large, especially) companies deal
              with the requirements of ISO 9000, it *is* marketing
              hype.  They pay thousands of dollars once a year to
              make sure they pass the compliance test, rather than
              spending a few thousand to really make it part of
              their business.  That, and it's pretty meaningless
              for software development.
           \_ I actually did an ISO 9000 certification at a large company
              (GE), and you have no clue what you're talking about.  -tom
              \_ I was ISO 9000 deputy for my department for two years,
                 Tom, and I did (passed) two certs.  The above is at
                 least accurate for IBM Austin.  If GE bought into the
                 spirit of ISO, great, but "results are not typical"
                 (note what Scott Adams said about it), especially in
                 software development.  I do agree that the concept is
                 good in theory, though.  -tsang
                 \_ But you're arguing with Tom, so therefore you have no clue
                    what the fuck you're talking about, QED.  Because his
                    particular experience with the ISO 9000 process was
                    positive, _every other_ experience _every other_ person
                    has with ISO, _anywhere_, _has to be_ the same as his.
                 \_ Gee, the first person didn't provide any experience, and
                    didn't sign his name.  I think it's pretty clear that he
                    doesn't know what he's talking about.  tsang apparently
                    has a different experience, which is not the same as
                    having a different, unfounded opinion.  -tom
                    \_ first person was me, too... didn't think I'd have to
                       provide a resume just to provide a general opinion
                       (seen the ISO chapter in Dilbert Future?)  -tsang
1998/3/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13781 Activity:high
3/9     What's the /usr/spool/mail equivalent on soda?
        \_ /var/mail.
          \_ This is a trick question: who are "they?"
1998/3/9-10 [Uncategorized] UID:13782 Activity:high
3/9     Do they routinely backup Soda accounts?
        \_ yes
           \_ To /dev/null, the newly installed high-speed backup device.
        \_ Yes, "they" do.  "They" won't restore your files though.
1998/3/9-12 [Computer/HW/CPU, Computer/HW/Display] UID:13783 Activity:high
3/9     Anyone have experience using a computer video board/computer
        monitor as a replacement for a TV?  What video boards do the
        trick?  Are any of them supported by XFree86?  --PeterM
        \_ if by supported you mean simply that there is an xfree86
           server for the video card, then the ati cards are supported,
           at least by the latest release.  the tv quality is quite
           good too.
        \_wHAT IS XFree86? -too ignorant to sign his post
                \_ It's an X based client free of all x86 instructions.
          \_ It's a "free" version of the letter X.  The Gnomes of Zurich, who
             hold all rights to the use of the alphabet, in any form, were
             dismayed at the incredibly low licensing revenues brought in by
             "X" in comparison to more popular letters like "E".  In an effort
             to stimulate interest in the letter X and increase its usage, they
             released a public-domain, royalty-free version a couple of years
             ago.  However, since they didn't want current customers to feel
             shortchanged, they released an older version, designed under
             contract by the American Type Foundry (now suspiciously out of
             business) and first released in 1886.  Hence the "86".
             \_ And you wonder why quality fonts cost so much?
                \_ While it's true that the Gnomes of Zurich (ZOG)
                   hold all rights to the use of the alphabet, in
                   any form, their license is set to expire this
                   May, when the IANA will hold conference commitee
                   hearings to determine world readable font
                   ownership rights.
                   \_ That's what you think.  The Gnomes have clearly stated
                      that if they're challenged on font-ownership rights,
                      they'll stop licensing even their most basic patents
                      (such as the ones for water and gravity).  Is guaranteed
                      access to a "2500 fonts for $3.99" CD worth spending the
                      rest of your life floating around, thirsty?  -- kahogan
                                      You are clearly misinformed
                   about the 86 part, as the American Type Foundry
                   people dropped the ball when they designed the
                   1786 version to be compatible only w/ manufactured
                   wood pulp products, ignoring almost entirely the
                   burgeoning digital font transmission and display
                   market which ZOG was better prepared for. There
                   were no "suspicious" circumstances at all, and
                   I would advise whoever wrote this unsigned
                   missive that you check your facts before
                   misinforming the public so blatantly. -tpc
                   \_ No.
                        \_ is currently the subject of
                           a trademark infringement lawsuit from GOZ.
                           GOZ's trademark, of course, is being challenged
                           in court by ZOG, which claims to have nothing
                           to do with  GOZ has countersued,
                           claiming that ZOG is deliberately trying to
                           dilute the TM.  The software supposedly available
                           at xfree86 is, as far as can be determined,
                           a complete fabrication.
                           \_ Dammit, so _that's_ why "xf86config" never seemed
                              to work right with my hardware . . .
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