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1998/3/2-3 [Reference/Religion] UID:13742 Activity:very high
3/01    Go see Dark City. Rocks.        -muchandr
        \_ I can change reality, but I can't make myself a body nor can I
           make myself not need a body. I need to find Descartes first.
        \_ It was interesting, I'll give you that.  But I'm glad I didn't
           pay any money to see it.
        \_ My Holy Bible is far more educational and life affirming.
        \_ My Holy Bible is far more educational and life affirming.
           |_ Please don't deface other people's comments the way my "Holy
              Bible" was changed to "asshole".  If you aren't interested in
              eternal salvation, that's your business, but it's highly
              inappropriate and uncalled for to mangled my comments like that.
              I've never done anything to hurt you.
                  \_sign yer post
        \_ My copy of Dianetics is far more educational and life affirming.
        \_ My asshole is far more educational and life affirming.
1998/3/2-4 [Uncategorized] UID:13743 Activity:low
2/28    I have some old junky hardware that I need to get rid of
        (including a 16Mhz 386SX motherboard).  See ~sls/pub/junk-fs.
        \_ Try one of the dumpsters in Cory.
1998/3/2-3 [Uncategorized] UID:13744 Activity:high
3/02    Hallmark will be introducing suicide condolence cards this April.
        What next? Sub-category for Kervorkean(sp)-related?
        \_ "I'm sorry that you committed suicide..."
        \_ URL please?
           \_ In today's SJ Mercury
        \_ Thousands of peopel committed suicide every year, it only makes
        \_ "When someone you love flees from life.
            It's hard to imagine how much pain there was..."
            It goes on [in contradiction of most Judeochristian doctrine]
            to promise that entry to heaven has already been secured.
            \_ That's cute: most people who don't believe in heaven won't
               believe the card because they don't believe in heaven, while
               most people who do believe in heaven won't believe the card
               because it contradicts their theology?
                \_ Who believes a Hallmark card anyway?
1998/3/2-4 [Health/Dental, Health/Women] UID:13745 Activity:very high
3/01    This is a serious question, please don't erase it. My mother is about
        55, and I would like to get her health insurance and such. I personally
        have Aetna Medium PPO, which my company pays at 100%. However, since
        my company doesn't pay for my mother (yes, no company would) I would
        have to pay out of my personal expense. What is a good health plan for
        my mother that is affordable? THANKS!!!
        \_ Send the bitch to work.
        \_ FHP, BlueShield, Kaiser all have pretty affordable plans.  but
           at least $300+/month.
           \_ funny, I thought the "individual plan" for kaiser topped
              out at around $200/month. But you have to be initially
        \- getting health insurance for one is going to be pretty expensive
           due to adverse selection due to information asymmetry. --psb
                \_ This makes absolutely no sense.
                \"this doesnt make sense" != "i dont understand you"
                    \_ That is correct.  What PSB said makes perfect
                       sense and is correct. (However, it is unlikely
                       to communicate any valuable info to anyone since
                       the vast majority of people who would/will
                       understand it already do.)
                                -PSB fan #1026 (aka crebbs)
                \_ Are you saying that insurance for one person is more than if
                   you have two combined? No shit. You don't have to word it
                   like a fuckin' lawyer. FUCK YOU PSB. YOU CAN SUCK MY DICK.
                   \_ Wow.  Can Dave suck your dick too?
                   \_ was not worded like a lawyer....rather an economist
        \_'Yer mother' barbs now center around information theory.
          Is this bad or good?
              physically okay to get in.
        \_There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat
          parents as dependents in this respect.  It's just our morally
          bankrupt society that assumes its younger workers will neglect
          their aging parents -TEC
          \_ There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat female
             employees like garbage in all respects.  It's just their morally
             bankrupt society that assumes its female workers will accept
             this form of abuse forever. -anti-TEC
                [anti-Asian trash nuked]
                \_ There are plenty of Asian companies that do in fact treat
                   females as total garbage in all respects.  It's just their
                   morally bankrupt society that assumes its females are
                   worthless subhumans deserving no better treatment.
                [go ahead, keep deleting this you hypocrite. I have it on
                 file and will keep restoring it as long as your pro-asian
                 bullshit myths are there.  If I lie, refute me.  Don't be
                 a pansy coward and just delete it.  Find some third world
                 oppressor state if you want hardcore censorship instead of
                  \_ Watch who you are calling a hypocrite, woman.  I am
                     not the person who was deleting your response.  -TEC
                     Note: although i have never engaged in it, deleting
                     the hardly qualifies as *hardcore* censorship
                   \_ The entire motd was not deleted.  Just my comments.
                      Wiping the whole motd every few days is an act of
                      kindness to us all.  Selectively deleting comments
                      one disagrees with, whether they are true or not, is
                      censorship.  Hardcore is a subjective term.  Although
                      the scale is small, the repeated selective deletion
                      is extreme.  If this were a newspaper instead of the
                      motd, most would consider that sort of thought purge
                      and squelching of public debate to be hardcore.  Also,
                      and squelching of public debate to be hardcore.
                      \_ And if this were a public monument, instead of the
                         motd, and your worthy words were carved in granite,
                         and I removed them by means of powerful acid and
                         shaped explosive charges, most people would gasp at
                         my sociopathic vandalism.  I'm not disagreeing with
                         your original comments, I'm just saying that I find
                         it consistently amazing how people will foam at the
                         mouth and use strange overreaching analogies when
                         it comes to an essentially trivial thing like the
                         \_ The loss of free expression (especially something
                            innocuous such as the motd) is a loss to everyone.
                            Preventing the free flow of ideas through any
                            medium, no matter how minor, is a breach of all
                            our rights.  Little things count.  If you allow
                            the chipping away at basic freedoms in little
                            ways, what is to stop the loss at a greater level?
                            IE: I trust you don't want your newspapers to be
                            censored, but is it ok to censor a college rag or
                            \_ There are some people here who want to do that;
                               they don't think that the Daily Cal should be
                               entitled to be read unless it agrees with them.
                            HS newsletter?  Where do you draw the line?  I
                            don't feel it's ok to draw such a line and say
                            some forms of censorship are ok because the target
                            doesn't reach a great many people.
                      I was not assuming that you, TEC, did the deleting.
                      You should avoid assuming I'm a woman just because I
                      find the treatment of women in many countries to be
                      \_ oh shut up and go away
                        \_ I'm stunned into silence by your sharp wit and
                           over abundant cleverness.  You're a Cal student?
                           \_ oh shut up and go away
                                                    - another person
        \_ what do you consider "affordable"?
        \_ Since your mom is probabaly not a dependant, you should try to
           inquire directly to an HMO about signing up. You should also try
           to see if your mom belongs to any groups that might offer medical
        \_ Move to a country that has half a clue about what to charge
           for health care.  Sure, we have all the latest research and
           what not here, but that means absolute shit when you consider
           that bureaucracy and greed appears to drive the health care
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