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1998/2/24 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13726 Activity:nil
2/23    I can't stop masturbating whenever I think of my best friend's gf.
        \_ I don't see a problem.  Enjoy.
           \_ the problem is, he doesn't have any naked pictures of her.
        \_ A choice between your best friend and a woman .. a very tough
           choice.  Good luck.
           \_ If you and your friend are bisexual, no problem.
        \_ I've been having the same problem for years.  I still can't get
           over it even though now she's gained quite a bit of weight.
1998/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:13727 Activity:nil
2/23    [danh purged]  -antidan Fan #1
1998/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:13728 Activity:high
2/23    Is it true that graduating seniors may take less than the minimum
        number of required units (i.e., less than 12 for Engineering)?
        And if so, do I need to petition to do this?  --feeling lazy
        \_ No one *ever* at *any* point checks your units/semester or your
           "academic progress" if you're in L&S.  *NEVER*.  There were many
           semesters where I took 4 to 8 units and never turned in any forms
           while working.  I can't speak for other colleges but L&S is a joke.
                \_ It takes them until you pass ~95/100 units to force you to
                   declare a major, despite the constant automatic warnings on
                   your class schedule that you need to declare one soon.
        \_ No. I fell below, and no one ever called/bothered me. In fact, UCB
           is so big that no one will ever care what you do. It took me until
           senior year to realize that berkeley SUCKS.
           \_ I took 4 units one semester when I wasn't a senior.  And
              although I did eventally go in and fill out the paperwork
              (I was wokring full time) I didn't do that till the semester
              was almost over.  THEY DON'T CARE.
        \_ as long as you've got enough to graduate they don't care...
           i'm taking 3 units right now...
        \_ LnS must hate me. --jon
                \_ Everyone hates you jon.  --#1 jon anti-fan
        \_ Yes, no one cares.
1998/2/24 [Politics/Foreign/Asia/Japan, Politics/Foreign/MiddleEast/Iraq] UID:13729 Activity:kinda low
2/23    contract work at lbl.  General coding on Linux/Sparc SMP.  if
        you're interested, contact jon@CSUA.Berkeley.EDU.
        \_ Pathetic, stupid, whining by non-citizen-foreign-fuck who is lucky
        to be allowed to come within 200 miles of the coast of this great
        nation, much less be allowed to live in it has been deleted because
        it turns my patriotic stomach.  You sniveling stupid fuck, GO HOME!
        How dare you have the nerve to bitch about *anything* in this country?
        Who the fuck do you think you are?  You have no rights.  If our fine
        government decided to stick your foreign spying ass into prison with
        out due process or just cause for the rest of your stinking, worthless
        miserable, whining life, I couldn't be happier.  Next you'll be crying
        that we're a bunch of racists for not letting you vote or run for
        political office.  Well, fuck you, go home foreign idiot fuck, you're
        not welcome here.
                              - descendant of a non-citizen foreign fuck
        \_ Tell me that you have been sacarstic about those who talked like you
           do. That's the only way I could thought of to give you credit.

        \_ Gee, I thought people would only have reason to hate the US because
           of stuff like unilateral invasions of Iraq, never mind xenophobic
           ranting.  We're starting to sound more and more like the countries
           we're taught to hate...
        \_ Actually, just about every country out there restricts the
           ability of foreign nationals to come in and work.  Nevermind when
           it involves national labs.  Complaining about it seems pretty
           fucking weak to me, too.  -jor
           \_ I don't fear foreigners.  I hate them.  There's a big
              difference.  You're right, we should completely open our borders
              like, uhm, uh, NO OTHER COUNTRY ON THE PLANET!  DUH!  They let
              _you_ vote?  As far as Iraq goes, when you're on BART and take
              in a whiff of Iraqi sponsored anthrax, let us all know what
              it feels like during your last three agonizing days of life.
              I don't know where you grew up but no one "taught" me to hate
              any countries.  In fact, I don't "hate" any countries.  I don't
              like whining stupid foreign fucks coming here and bitching that
              they don't have the rights that real citizens do.  Don't like
              it?  TOUGH SHIT!  Go back to the stinking third world pit you
              came from and compare that with your lifestyle here.  You've
              spent too much time eating potstickers, hanging out with BH.

                          - descendant of a non-citizen foreign fuck

              \_  While I agree that many jobs should be off limits to
                  foreigners, your frenzied response and hatred of
                  third world foreigners suggest to me that you are
                  someone who should be sent back to WWII era Imperial
                  Japanese Army to be slapped around by your lieutenants.
                  No, you do not qualify for the Wermacht.
1998/2/24 [Transportation/Car] UID:13730 Activity:very high
2/23    Thanks for all the responces on the Accord! Any word on current
        finance rate and such? Thanks.
        \_ The student credit union (which you can join for giving a buck
           to the telegraph development something or other) gave me 7.4% for
           48 months when I got my legacy in September.  Unless you can get
           special dealer financing (unlikely with honda), credit unions
           are your best bet. -jor
           \_ what you mean unlikely? i got 6.9% from honda. --aaron
        \_ Wait, on the commercial Civics have 3.9% APR. Does that apply to ALL
           dealerships? Thanks.
1998/2/24 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java, Industry/Startup] UID:13731 Activity:high
2/23    Class action suits are the best thing in the world. When I sent in
        Iomega for a $50 rebate by sending in an original receipt, original
        UPC label, and the application, I got a mail back saying that I did
        not enclose the UPC label nor the original receipt. I was perplexed.
        Then after a year, they sent me a mail saying "Class action suit--
        a whole bunch of people didn't get what they were supposed to, and
        if you were one of them, sign here, and we'll try to resolve this case"
        Class action suits are good.
        \_ Iomega is cheap, they thought they could get away... H AH AHA
        \_ Do not sign anything without consulting your lawyers
           \_ Say what?  It's a $50 rebate on a $99 device.  How much is
              the consultation going to cost?  Don't be stupid.
        \_ May Iomega burn in hell.  Iomega management made $11 million
           in January by exercising their options and subsequently, the stock
           tanked when management finally revealed bad news.
           \_ That's against insider trading policy, isn't it?  -- yuen
                \_ Not really.  It's very difficult to prove especially
                   on something like earnings data which can be interpreted
                   in different ways (e.g. a company showing record profits
                   might see its stock fall if earnings were not as high
                   as "analysts' forecasts").  Management would get in
                   trouble though if they purchased shares of stock knowing
                   that the company was going to be taken over next week and
                   that the buyer's price/share was higher than what
                   they were paying for it.  --wft
1998/2/24 [Uncategorized] UID:13732 Activity:nil
2/24    Which terminal is the most capable? vt100...vt220...vt102...ansi...?
        \_ capable of?
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