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1998/2/17 [Uncategorized] UID:13681 Activity:nil
02/16   When I do system("<cmd-here>"), I would like to have my current
        program's STDIN to be passed to <cmd-here>. What is the proper
        syntax? Thanks.
1998/2/17-18 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers, Computer/SW/Security] UID:13682 Activity:high
02/16   In Apache, when I use .htaccess, how do I "log-off" from a browser?
        \_ You're not "logged on" in the first place; http connections are
           stateless.  If the browser decides to store the username and
           password, that's the browser's business.
                \_ Okay then, how do I make the browser not use the username
                   and password during HTTP transaction then?
                        \_ Restart the browser or get one that lets you
                                clear stored passwords
                           \_ Restart-- you mean quit and start again? Sheesh
                                \_ Yep - sucks don't it?
                                \_ Yep.  Sucks don't it?
                        \_ It's totally browser-dependent.  Once Netscape
        Once Netscape releases the source, expect the days to look like the
        80's when people have to deal with DOS 2.0/3.0/MSDOS/Windows 2.0/OS2
        Geoworks OS incompatibility, not mentioning incompatibilities between
        MSWord/WordPerfect/WordStar/AmiPro/Lotus/blah blah blah. Proliferation
        of many different warez means happiness and perhaps some creativity but
        it also means a lot of headache for the end users. Are the average
        American Joe sophisticated enough that they can handle so many
        different platforms with different HTML standards, plug-ins, c00l
        features, this and that, or they just want a simple burger that
        satisfies their stomach? What do the dumb average American Joes want?
                           releases the source you could make a "forget
                           passwords" button or something.
        \_ Seriously doubt Joe User is going to d/l a hacked up copy of NS
           from  They're going to go to netscape, as always,
           and d/l the version made available by the NS people.  The NS
           version is going to be a "best-of-the-net" browser.  Or so says
        \_ Dronage deleted.  For your reference, it said:
        "\_ Next drone deletion means deletion of entire motd. Watch it u nazi."
                \_ so?  what does this have to do with the above?
        "You have been warned"
                \_ So?  What does this have to do with anything?
                  \_ It has to do with a large piece of text that was deleted.
1998/2/17-18 [Uncategorized] UID:13683 Activity:nil
02/16   I must commend the job done by the people who migrated the www
        stuff to the new server.  Great work, and thanks!
1998/2/17 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13684 Activity:insanely high
02/16   Incredibly stupid mega geek girlfriend pseudo-code deleted to save
        some poor dumb stupid bastard from utter shame when he sobers up.
        \_ Aw, you shouldn't have deleted it. 'Sides, I was going to flame
           the guy for fantasizing about a 5'4", 100lb girl. Get a clue,
           a girl that tall and that thin is probably SICK!
           \_ Shut up you big fat bloated whale woman.
           \_ thin is good
           \_ Sorry but it was just far too fucking stupid.
           \_ Had one 5'6" and 98lbs and she was fine.  Thin as hell but fine.
           \_ Will you people please stop trippin' on beanpole chicks!
              \_ Besides, who'd want to hug some ol bag of bones!
              Smart women are ever so much more interesting...
              \_ Since when does being thin or even deathly anorexic make a
                 woman stupid?  Anorexia is a mental illness unrelated to
                 intelligence and thin is sexy.  Where does brainpower come
                 in to this?  If you want to be "interesting" you can be
                 much more interesting if you're an attractive smart woman
                 than a fat smart woman.  Fat women aren't as good in bed
                 either.  I imagine a fat chick is something like having
                 sex with Jabba the Hut.  Now *there's* an attractive and
                 interesting image.
                        \_ You state they aren't as good in bed, then say
                           it's just what you imagine - do you know for sure
                           or are you just pulling crap outta yer ass?
                          \_ Uh oh.. time for Reading Comprehension 1A.  I
                             never had sex with Jabba the Hut.  I've had sex
                             with fat chicks.  Learned English lately?
              \_ Or how does being fat make a woman smart?
                        \_ It doesn't, but unless you're Kate Moss and
                           making millions off it, being too skinny/anorexic
                           is not a sign of high intelligence.
                           \_ I never said it was.  I was countering the claim
                              that thinness is a sign of the lack thereof or
                              that fatness is a sign of the existence of high
                              intelligence.  Back to RC1a again.
              \_ Besides, who'd want to hug some bony skeleton?
                 \_ Obviously you never hugged anyone.  A hug isn't
                    about physical satisfaction, it's emotional sharing
                    through physical contact.  It isn't about the size of
                    any of your parts.
                    \_ Shut up, tawei.
                        \_ Not tawei.  Don't make lame guesses/accusations
                           since you're clearly blinded by the rolls of fat
                           flowing from your bloated sweat dripping forehead
                           down over your bulbous eyes.
                 \_ better than hugging some PHAT BEACH.
                   \_ what, like yer mom?
                     \_ My mom's had better than you and they paid more too,
                        you cheap bastard.
          \_ This is all fine, but what about the bust size???
                \_ More than a mouthful is wasted
                        \_ Two handfuls is perfect.
        \_ I'm sorry, could someone post the deleted messages? I feel lost
1998/2/17-19 [Transportation/Car] UID:13685 Activity:nil
02/17   would like to start carpool to mountainview
        if interested, please contact
1998/2/17-19 [Computer/SW/Database, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:13686 Activity:nil
02/17   FedEx Backs Away From NCs In Favor Of Windows Machines. Big blow for
        companies like Sun/Oracle/Netscape.
1998/2/17-18 [Reference/Tax, Finance/Investment] UID:13687 Activity:high
02/17   I've lost a lot of $ in the stock market, and someone told me that I
        could claim "capital loss" for tax purposes. However, when I look at
        my W form, I don't see any loss figures. So how do I claim it?
                                                        \_ Hire a CPA.
        \_ you need to fill out a schedule D.  It has nothing to do with
          your W form.  And you can only claim 3000/year (but can carry
          over larger amounts to subsequent years.) And try not to
          trade so much in the future, you high roller, you.
          \_ I lost 4000... so how much do I get back? Also, where do I get
                \_ Depends on your income - and you're not "getting it back"
                   The government isn't covering your losses, just cutting
                   you a small break on your taxes.
             this schedule D? (btw I'm NEVER trading again)
               \_ Ask the IRS for a schedule D. Also, your 4000 loss must
              be subtracted from any long term gain you may have seen
             from your "trading" (and mutual fund distributions, if you
             have any).  BTW, this isn'r really the right forum for this
              -- but it'll get you started.  It's good that you are not
                \_ what's wrong with trading? i've made a shit load of money
                trading this year. you just gotta know what you are doing.
                \_ unless you are actively trading millions of dollars,
                  commissions and taxes will take a large part of your
                  big-shot gains.  That's all I meant.  And im sure you
                     just make so much money "trading" hot shot.
                  \_ i don't see how trading millions of dollars at a
                     time reduces the tax burden. but yeah, for most
                     people, investing is a much better idea.
                        \_ It doesn't.  You pay taxes at the end of the year
                           not on a per-transaction basis.  Also, if you're
                           trading that much your broker is probably giving
                           you a break, but you're definitely in the top tax
        \_ FUCK CONRAD
           \_ Who's Conrad?  Is he sexy?
             going to trade anymore.  Try _investing_ instead.
                  \_ well, if they're short-term losses, they're
                     subtracted from short-term gains.
1998/2/17-18 [Consumer/Camera, Finance/Shopping] UID:13688 Activity:high
2/17    where can i get 6 rolls of 35mm negatives reprint, cheap? -jwang
        \_ Price Club / Costco.  Even if you choose Kodak processing, it's
           still cheaper than Kodak processing in drug stores. --- yuen
           \_ If you don't mind hundreds of people pawing through the racks
              to find their film, ruining yours.
                \_ You get what you pay for.
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