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1998/2/12-16 [Computer/SW/OS] UID:13660 Activity:nil
2/12    Pretty cool OS:
1998/2/12-14 [Computer/HW/IO] UID:13661 Activity:very high
2/12    Sun Ultra 1 crashed recently and never got back up again.
        It always gives the following error:

                No keyboard.  Using input device ttya.
                Using output device ttya.

        Borrowed another department's Ultra 2 to move our data
        elsewhere and it worked fine for about a day, then
        suddenly, we got the same message.  Tried every combination
        of different keyboards (we have 3), different processors,
        even different monitors to workstations.  The Ultra 2
        still won't boot up anymore.

        Has anybody else seen this kind of a problem?

        -- newbie.
        \_ from the monitor, you can do a bunch of diagnostic tests.
          Hook up a tty to ttya and do the tests.
        \_ time to move to NT..
                \_ This kind of reminds me of the saying "In order to cure
                   the patient, you end up killing them." or better yet
                   "Kill the patient in order to cure them"
                \_ yeah, that way, you don't have to worry about trying to fix
                it. There's nothing you can do.
                 \_ That's *not* true!  You can reinstall.  Duh!
                  \_ This sounds like a hw problem.  You can reinstall
                     solaris too, you know...
           \_ No mouse.  Panic.  Logging in as Administrator.
                \_ Then why don't you set up a NT machine with the same
                hardware as Soda, and give us accounts.  Then we can test
                the performance, how well walling works, how many users
                it supports, how motd's look etc.
        \_ sounds like you just basically fried the keyboard controller.. if no
           keyboard work then definitely.. replace motherboard.. it may still
           be under warranty so check w/ Sun. -shac
        \_ this happened to me with a sparc 5. my keybd cable was loose,
           but after reconnecting the cable and rebooting, i got the mesg
           that you got. I forgot exactly what i did to fix it, but it
           might have been something like disconnecting the keybd and/or
           monitor, rebooting, and then reconnecting everything back up
           and rebooting. just experiment, then again it might be a
           hardware problem.
        \_ maybe your power's dirty.
        \_ this means that the sun thinks you've got it hooked up to
           an external terminal, so it doesn't need to activate the keyboard.
           You need to hook up a terminal (a pc with term software, or another
           sun running tip) to its serial port and reset its terminal mode from
           the boot prompt.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1998:February:12 Thursday <Wednesday, Friday>