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1998/2/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Java] UID:13610 Activity:very high
2/2     How many people are really fed up with sites that used to be very
        cool, but now are full jammed with a lot of non-sense Java shit and
        fancy-shmancy graphics that makes loading the page forever and halts
        the web server like hell?
        \_ I like having slow loads for zero content.
           \_ There's a campaign against slow sites. See:
              \_ Doesn't anyone see the irony here, having a campaign
                 against slow sites on GEOCITIES?
                 \_ Free expression of the membership.
        \_ Just say no to Java!!! It is just some overhyped shit that's making
           web browsing a pain in the rear end. We don't want to deal with
           technology of the future, we want to deal with technology of
           TODAY. Fuck Java and all the hype that came with it.
                \_ Fuck java, activex, animated GIFs and all other zero
                   content, slow load bullshit.
                \_ you say "fuck java" but "rear end"?
                \_ YEAH! Microsoft has their WebTV, Active stuff,  etc etc,
                   and as sucky and evil as they may be, they work, and are
                   helping millions of people. Now, name ONE thing benefited
                   from Java... can you? I can't say any, except a lot of
                   frustration from Java developers and managers. Yeah, write
                   once, debug everywhere. Lame ass Sun. I hope their stock
                   plunge to hell, cuz I'm out of job cuz of them.
                                        -former netscrape java developer
1998/2/3-5 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:13611 Activity:moderate
2/2     Lake Merritt studio for rent.  The landlord and building
        management are pretty cool.  Available at the end of Feb.  See
        /csua/pub/housing/ for more info.  -sony
        \_ how much for rent?
        \_ what happened to the current tenant?
            \_ they're dredging Lake Merritt for the body after they
                    failed to pay the rent last month
            \_ he moved in with his boyfriend.
                \_ aspolito lived here?
                \_asspolito lived upstairs.
1998/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:13612 Activity:high
2/2     Can anyone help me to understand Clintonomics?  Clinton talks
        about surplus in federal budget going into social security,
        but doesn't the surplus go into reduce the national debt?  I
        am confused.
        \_ Clinton doesn't think it's important to reduce the national debt;
           he probably just wants a balanced budget to pacify criticism from
           some conservatives, doesn't personally think it's important, and
           therefore he uses any surplus to do whatever he feels like.
        \_ It's just the typical tax&spend democratic party line bullshit.
           The so-called surplus he's already promised to spend on more big
           government programs doomed to failure doesn't even exist yet.
           It's money he's hoping will exist from a variety of sources
           such as tobacco industry punishment legislation which hasn't
           even been written yet.  A giant "fuck you!" to anyone stupid
           enough to vote for this corrupt, lying, worthless sack of shit
           in either of the last two elections.
1998/2/3 [Consumer/Camera] UID:13613 Activity:high
2/3     Did aspolito ever get a camera for his gay home videos?
        \_ I mailed him offering mine, but he never responded.  He must be too
                busy rehearsing.
1998/2/3-5 [Recreation/Dating] UID:13614 Activity:very high
2/3 for all the latest
        on women raping men.  Or boys as the case may be.
          -posted by csuaer who can't get any and is lazy
        \_ It could have been worse.
        \_ How about this URL:
                       ^^^^^^^^^                      ^^^^^^^^^
        \_ I wish I had a teacher like that when I was 13. -virgin csualuser
           \_ Me too!  -- another loser
           \_ You guys should have hit on Anita Choe when you had the chance
              \_ Forgive my ignorance, but who is she?
              \_ Just another wannabe csua slut loser chick.
           \_yeah but now yer mom's easier.
        \_ S0 how come she gets 6 mo, when a guy would have gotten 6 years.
                There aren't any women fighting to keep her in, just like
           "willing" participant?--boyz2men
                there aren't any women fighting for the draft either.
                        -- equalitarian
           \_ Because stat rape isn't considered a crime the way forced
              physical rape is.  Men rarely get real time on stat rape either.
        \_ Somehow I always imagined this topic involving large
           Samoan women.  "Lolito"  -John
        \_ how can it be "rape" when the boy has said that he is a
           "willing" participant?--NAMBLA
                \_ He can't legally be willing.  He isn't of age to grant
                \_ It's called "statutory rape"
        \_ Talk about crushing a man ego.  "Hunny, I dumped you for
           this 13 year old stud.  He's much better in bed that you are"
           \_ The husband moved to alaska with the kids, and filed
               for divorce.... :)
              \_ Wouldn't you leave if you're wife was boffing some
                 13 year old kid intead of you?
                  \_ Right after opening a can of "Whup Ass"
                \_ depends if a) the kid was female b) I got to watch
                \_ Oh, as if the kid was a man, it'd be ok?
1998/2/3 [Uncategorized] UID:13615 Activity:nil
1998/2/3 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13616 Activity:very high
2/3     Perl gurus who think you're all hot:
        print scalar localtime(2100000000) = year 2036
        print scalar localtime(2200000000) = year 1903
        So Perl and most UNIX shit are not year 203X compliant?
        \_ The unix universe ends at 2037 or 2038, I forget which.  So,
           no, unixes in general are not Y38+ compliant.  Perl is probably
           just passing along whatever the system is telling it.
                \_ make that the 32-bit Unix universe - 64-bit Unixes will
                        last a few billion more years
                   \_ As I said, "unixes in general".
                   \_ some commercial vendors are starting to change their
                      time structs to 64-bit, so this is becoming a reality.
           \_ Of course, in 2038, we will all be using 4096-bit architectures,
             so this problem will go away :)
        \_ This just shows you how stupid designers are, always thinking
           of what's best for today, but never what's best for tomorrow.
           These dumb ass engineers are dumb asses, and Clinton trying to
           get even more incompetent people into high tech is just going to
           make the matter worse.
           \_ Please tell me this is brilliant flame bait.  Because I
             was laughing so hard I hurt myself.  Then I though it might
             be serious.  Now im not sure.
                \_ Well it's obvious that you're either a sys admin or a
                   community college graduate thinking that you're a hot shot.
                   \_ dude: you have to lighten up.  It's not gonna get any
                       easier :)
1998/2/3-6 [Computer/HW/Laptop, Computer/SW/OS/Linux] UID:13617 Activity:moderate
2/3     How come suspend mode does not work in Linux? Which Linux patch do
        I need to fix this problem? I've looked at drivers/char/apm_bios.c
        but don't understand any of it. Thanks.
        \_ What kind of computer do you have?  "Suspend mode" means very
           different things to different computers, and isn't always APM-
        \_ What kind of computer do you have? ...
           \_ I have a fujitsu notebook, does that help?
              \_ I wish I knew offhand.  Write to ucb.os.linux and someone will
                 know or know where to point you.  -- schoen
              \_ Which model do you have? Also, you might try checking
                 DejaNews- I saw mentions of Fujitsu laptops several
                 times on the Linux newsgroups.  There is also a Linux
                 on a Laptop guide:
1998/2/3 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:13618 Activity:very high
2/3     Who removed the thread on Clintonomics?
        \_ Dude, i don't like clinton that much either, but what the
           fuck more do you want from an economy?
           \_ A future plan that isn't based on bullshit and false promises?
                \_ Concentrate on the present, not on the future.
                \_ and what president has ever delivered one of those?
        \_ you have it all wrong -- they concentrate on what will get them
            ( or their party) re-elected.  few voters are made 'happy'
            by reducing the fed debt. Many (senior) voters are made happy by
            bolstering social security.  Whether or not it's a good idea...
                \_ Death to old fucks!  Let em starve if they were too stupid,
                   greedy, or dependent on the feds to take care of their
                   lazy worthless fat wrinkled asses.
1998/2/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:13619 Activity:high
2/3     Today's motd is very entertaining.  Keep up the good work.
        \_ it's a lot more entertaining now that I've nuked it.
                \_ Ah, true genius at work.  Your mother teach you to do that?
                   She sure taught me a lot last night!
1998/2/3-4 [Uncategorized] UID:13620 Activity:high
2/3     Now you can visit both the OJ's estate and the Lewinsky's
        estate in one single visit.  DOOSH!
        \_ Whatever do you mean?
                \_ OJ's house is in Brentwood.  Lewinsky's is
                   originally from Beverly Hills.  These neighborhoods
                   are really close.
                   \_ Wow.  This turned out to be a lot less entertaining
                      and not as clever as I thought it could be.
                   \_ News said her dad is in Brentwood in the same area
                      as O. "I Killed The Bitch!" J.
2018/12/18 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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