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1998/2/1-3/20 [Health/Women] UID:13602 Activity:high
3/20   Asian fetish taken to new heights of stupidity.
       "I only have two pictures of shina smoking when she was pregnant and
       you can visibily see that she is pregnant.  So they here they are. ..."

        this was motd listing back from january.  just found it today
        while cleaning up.  i admit its kinda weird.
        \_ Yeah its stupid but if you find this sort of thing so
           bothersome why do you surf for it?
1998/2/1 [Transportation/Airplane] UID:13603 Activity:nil
1/31    how do you all make flight plans?  ive called the airlines
        and looked at web pages, etc.  does anybody have a good
        travel agent (i prefer if theyre in berkeley/albany area)
        they can recommend?  im kind of getting stressed wondering
        if im getting ripped off or not.             --hahnak
1998/2/1 [Uncategorized] UID:13604 Activity:nil
1/31    New WHO installed, it runs faster for everyone except
        Tom. --Smurf
1998/2/1 [Computer/HW/Display] UID:13605 Activity:nil
1/31    Could anyone use an amber or EGA monitor? Let me know by
        monday night so I can bring them up, otherwise they're getting
        thrown away.  --saarp
        \_ Perfect! It'll go well with my new XT I bought, monitor not
           included.  -Newbieboy
                \_ Hey, I know they're old, but mebbe someone could use
                   them for something. I can probably get an EGA/mono
                   card to go with it. Enough for a terminal. --saarp
                   \_ is the "amber" standard mono? Could use it -- schoen
          \_ Dont be an asshole.  It makes a perfectly good terminal.  Some
             of us aren't total computer newbies, such as yourself, and recall
             a time before super+++vga++++mega+wow graphics cards/monitors
             which are still perfectly good today for text and simpler
             \_ A little over-sensitive here eh?
                \_ Not at all.  Just explaining to Newbieboy that he's an
                   asshole and why.  How did you figure I was being sensitive
                   much less over-sensitive?  My feelings aren't hurt by
                   the babblings of children or the ignorant.
                   \_ Perhaps the explosive response to a dumb joke.
                        \_ You thought that was "explosive"?  I barely said
                           anything.  Would I have left you in tears if I
                           wrote something truly "explosive"?  As if anything
                           on the MOTD is "explosive".  Get real.  Sheesh.
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