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1998/1/31 [Transportation/Car] UID:13595 Activity:nil
1/30    To the guy looking for a car, Honda or Saturn is fine. Just don't end
        up being an Everyday Dumb Ass, fooled by Everyday Steve Young,
        paying an Everyday $2500 extra for the Everyday People Commericial,
        \_ So who's this guy wiping out everyone else's opinion and just put
           up his/hers?
1998/1/31 [Uncategorized] UID:13600 Activity:nil
1/31    World's best hillary picture:
1998/1/31-2/1 [Computer/SW/OS/Solaris] UID:13601 Activity:very high
1/31     I'm using a Solaris type 5 keyboard, but I'm trying to
         remap the caps lock with the control key.  In my
         .cshrc file, I have the line: "xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc"
                \_ Why the hell would you put that in .cshrc instead of
                        .xsession/.xinitrc?  You don't want that run for
                        every csh shell - just every X session
                        \_ Okay, I tried adding that command
                                "xmodmap ~/.xmodmaprc" in places
                                other than .cshrc like the
                                .xsession/.xinitrc, but it does not
                                get called up.  Maybe xmodmap is being
                                called, but it sure isn't working right.
                                I actually didn't even have an .xinitrc
                                of any sort before I made this one up.
                                Calling xmodmap from the shell *does*
                                work, but I would really like to know
                                how to get it called up starting up
                                every X session.  If you don't want
                                to answer without pointing out the fact
                                that I'm clueless, then don't bother to
                                answer.  I know I'm clueless.  This is
                                why I asked.  I have *tried* to figure
                                this out by myself, but my puny brain
                                isn't capable of figuring this one out.
                                Sorry that I'm not quite up to par with
                                the rest of you Sodans.  But thank
                                you for your suggestion.
                        \_ Maybe they do want it for every shell?
                                \_  clearly you don't understand X
                                   \_ I just didnt read the Q properly.

         and in my .xmodmaprc file, I have (from man pages):
                ! Swap Caps_Lock and Control_L
                remove Lock = Caps_Lock
                remove Control = Control_L
                keysym Control_L = Caps_Lock
                keysym Caps_Lock = Control_L
                add Lock = Caps_Lock
                add Control = Control_L
        then I either source or log out and back in and the keys
        are still not remapped.  Please tell me what I am doing
        wrong or what I am leaving out.  Thanks!
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