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1998/1/23-26 [Uncategorized] UID:13547 Activity:high
1/22    Stop the logging or we shall continue to kill 1 celebrity
        each week - the trees.
        \_ Starve the trees, those commie scum!
        \_ Kill the spice girls and we'll never cut another tree again.
                \_ Starve the trees, those commie scum!
                \_ Fuck the trees, those commie scum!
                        \_ That could hurt, as seen at:
                  \_ Cute, but I'm sure there are better ways to spend
                     bandwidth and programming time.
1998/1/23 [Politics/Domestic/President/Clinton] UID:13548 Activity:high
1/22    Clinton is such a stud!!! Flower, Jones, and Lewinsky. STUD MAN!!!
        \_ he's kind of a chubby chaser, tho.  Ande they aren't
          that pretty.
         \_ At least the last one wasn't an embarrassment.
         \_ Then you must think Woody Allen's a REAL MAN
                \_ not true, clinton has MORE number and even YOUNGER ones.
            \_ Nah, I doubt Bill will marry Chelsea anytime soon.
                \_ Although he's certain to sleep with her, get her a series
                   of jobs she isn't qualified for, then try to hush her
                   about it.
        \_ Clinton, shminton.  Check out sony bono's wife

          Now that was some 62 year-old stud butt.
                \_ So he bought a bimbo, so what?
                \_ don't get it. I still think Clinton has a bigger penis.
                   \_ size doesn't matter -ari
                      \_ isn't that just something nearly dickless
                         guys say to try to keep their wives faithful?
                         (and fail)
                         \_ Obviously you haven't seen the jpg of ari naked.
                                \ URLP ?
1998/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/Database] UID:13549 Activity:very high
1/22    Earthlink is offering 60-70K for web designers in Pasadena (Southern
        California).  I read in Time Magazine last year that Stanfurd grads
        in the "Web Design Industry" were being offered and making 75-100K
        straight outta college.  Should I look for greener pastures, or count
        my blessings and send my resume?
        \_ 100% pure bullshit.  At Cnet, designers get paid much less than
           Software Engineers.  I have an MSCS ftom Stanfurd, and I wasn't
           offered more than 70k.
       \_  Forget web design.  get yer MSCE degree and then you'll rewl.
        \_ So what is the average starting salary for Cal CS?
                \_ Depends on how good your blow job skill is
        \_ depends on what the working conditions are like I guess.  If they
          make ya put in 50-60 hour weeks, or be on call or whatever they
           do (I don't know) then it might really suck.  But if you don't
        \_ You should just transfer to stanford before it's too late.
           have a life now, it prolly doesnt matter so GO FOR IT!!
        \_ You should just transfer to stanfurd before it's too late.
           That way, you can also cheer for a team that actually wins games.
        \_ What "Time" meant to say was that some Stanford grads managed
           to get such offers. I'm sure some UCB grads did, too. It's not
           very realistic to assume the median salary was 75-100K
           straight out of school (which implies no experience, which is
           probably not the case). I work and live in Pasadena, and know
           people who were employed by Earthlink. They all got outstanding
           offers. Most of them aren't there anymore. Draw your own
           conclusions. I should say that none of them had jobs as web
           designers, though. Earthlink can be cool, but it's high
           pressure and high stress. Send your resume. If you don't get
           the job, then this is all moot anyhow --dim
        \_ Web designers are so over-rated.  Anyone one can be a web designer
           regardless of w or w/o CS degree.  Don't need to know cs160's or
                \_ I think that CS160 would be quite useful for WebWeenies.
        \_ Maybe they meant to say web developers instead of designers.
           Web developers, straight out of college, depending on their talents,
           can get into the $75K range.  Also...if it's HR (or non-technical
           people who work off of checklists and go by college degrees),
           strange decisions can easily be made.  IT professionals straight
           out of college can make anywhere between $35K and $80K. A wide
           range, I know, but it all depends on the skills you pick up. --chris
                \_ Oh, what's the difference?  Still WebWeenies.
                   \_ imho...web development is a large category, but
                      the way I see it, it refers to web _development_ which
                      means stuff beyond adobe photoshop and graphics..and
                      more like C, Perl, and JAVA coding around databases like
                      SQL, Oracle, and Sybase with a web outcome.  Companies
                      pay top dollar for these skills.  --chris
1998/1/23 [Uncategorized] UID:13550 Activity:nil 54%like:13546
1/21    Can someone please make <DEAD>www.csua/motd<DEAD> link to motd.public?
1998/1/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Misc] UID:13551 Activity:kinda low
1/21    Can you make a table "sunken" instead of raised? I know that to do
        flat, you just specify <table border=0> but what about sunken? THANKS!
        \_ Get a good table lathe.
1998/1/23 [Computer/SW/Languages/Perl] UID:13552 Activity:kinda low
1/21    What is a good random seed function using time and $$ in Perl?
        \_ One use might be to create filenames for temporary files. --dim
        \_ a silly first try might be
                my $filename =  $$. time;
        \_ No you stupid! I want to use srand() with a good seed. SHEESH.
           \_ As of perl 5.004, you don't have to call srand at all; see
              "perldoc -f srand" for details.  If you want a better random
              number generator, look at Math::TrulyRandom or /dev/random.
           \_ hahahah.   maybe you should rtfm, state your problem more
              clearly, and see Math::TrulyRandom on CPAN, Einstein.
        \_ srand(time % $$);
           \_ (time % $$) does not generate good random numbers.
1998/1/23-24 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:13553 Activity:high
1/21    Netscape homepage finally looks decent! It took those idiots
        3 years to figure out that:
        - they're hiring too many stupid people who write c0r3 dump war3z
        - their web site sucked big time
        \_ They still need to kill the stupid pop-up menu/tab things that
           show up if you use netscape4
        \_ Yeah, now it's *almost* useful.  Too bad one of the companies that
           helped popularise the web can't get their own web page(s) together.
           \_ Now if they can give me a browser that doesn't IGNORE its
              OWN preferences, "Use MY fonts, overriding document",
              so I don't have 2 millimetre-high fonts on their page...
                \_ Netscape will give away the SOURCE code of the browser
                   for FREE to anybody starting with version 5.0.  Now
                   you can modify the src and give yourself whatever kind
                   of browser you want.
                  \_ NO THANKS. Debugging bloatwarez for Netscrape for free
                     is not my idea of fun.
                   \_ The whole source?  To what exactly?
                        \_ Communicator
                         \_ 5.0
        _ frame -- a Netscape disease. Can't live with, can't live without.
          \_ i can sure live without it.
1998/1/23 [Industry/Jobs] UID:13554 Activity:high
1/22    Maybe I should hire some of my own interns this summer...
        \_ No wonder the co-op girl I worked with last summer was hired.
           She's hired juz cuz she's pretty and my boss prefered talking 2 her
           even though she knew jack shit 'bout the project.
           \_ but did she swallow?
           \_ No shit, genius.  How do you think the world works?  On pure
              merit? HAHAHHAHAHHAHAH!!!!!!
        \_ I find this discussion extremely degrading to women.  Typical
           soda geeks - pretend to be nice in real life but degrade
           women anonymously - female on soda.
           \_ you're an idiot. Soda geeks degrade women in real life too.
1998/1/23 [Uncategorized] UID:13555 Activity:nil
1/22    Soda crashed today, reason unknown.  --wall log
1998/1/23-24 [Uncategorized] UID:13556 Activity:very high
\_ Is this the same person who several months back kept erasing the motd
   and posting this very message? If so, well, the next comment says it all.
\_ Imagine a big empty space here, like the one between this person's ears.
\_ Don't make us make it harder for you to edit the motd, kids. }:-)
        \_ There's always the next semester after elections.
1998/1/23-27 [Industry/Jobs] UID:13557 Activity:moderate
1/23    root@cory looking for Full-Time UNIX Sysadmin (P/A III)
        See <DEAD>www-inst.eecs/~kevinm/jobs.html<DEAD>
        \_ How much do P/A IIIs get in salary these days anyway?
           \_ I got paid $41K doing P/A II for a professor.
          \_ Not enough.
          \_ $45k - $82k according to
                \_ Don't expect to start at 82k.  As a new hire you won't
                   see more than 55k or so since the bozos in personel make
                   up the salary offer, not the hiring department.
                   \_ oh, come on.  The same is true in any large software
                     co.  This is a very fair price rance, esp considering
                     the laid back environment of a univerisity job.
                     \_ Doooofus, I work in the so-called laid back
                        environment of the university.  It depends on the
                        job you've got.  Many people working for Cal have
                        bitch jobs they're way underpaid for which is why
                        so many key people have left in the last 3+ years.
                        Also, Cal isn't a large software corp in case you
                        didn't notice.  Also, 55k was the top end you're
                        likely to start at and you won't see 80k for a good
                        20+ years.
                        \_ sorry , I should have said "idiot", for staying
                        at a job like that.  Lotsa jobs at UC are pretty laid
                        back, and u get more than 55k.  Sorry  for the confusion.
2018/03/24 [General] UID:1000 Activity:popular
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