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1997/3/4-5 [Uncategorized] UID:32086 Activity:nil
        \_ uh, who are you, and why do you think I'm erasing your posts?  -tom
1997/3/4-5 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32087 Activity:high
3/5     The Netscape|Sun|Oracle vs. Microsoft|Intel war is not a battle over
        the internet or computer, it is about good vs evil.
        \_ It's not about who has the most weapons. It's about who
           controls the information.
        \_ I thought it was about relative penis size.
        \_ I thought it was about money.  -reiffin
        \_ I thought it was about power.
        \_ I thought Netscape should thank Intel since their making most of the
           its profit from its browser running on x86 computers.
          \_ Bzzzt.  Netscape's profits are hardly from browsers -
           they're losing money there - it's servers and
           corporate intranets they're raking in the
            bucks from.
        \_ I think Netscape should thank Microsoft for being able to run
           their browser on Windows OS.
         \_ Microsoft should thank Netscape for keeping them from
          having m Monopoly and getting crushed by the FTC.
        \_ I think both Bill Gates and Larry Ellison are evil
           incarnate and must be stopped.  (maybe they're brothers)
1997/3/4-5 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:32088 Activity:high
3/5     Can someone please tell me why Netscape 3.01 crashes so much
        more on my NT 4.0 than my Win95?
        \_ Insufficient RAM you have?
           \_ I have 32 megs, dude. Still, NT shouldn't be crashed.
           \_ Yoda, you are not. Speak like him, you should not. Weak with
              the force you are.
         \_ I met him in a bog on Degobah, Y-O-D-A, yooooda!
            \_ It looks like a bathroom and it's tiled and green
          so-so-soda... S-O-D-A SODA...      -kane
        \_ My windows 95 won't boot still.  -gong
         \_ Must be some hardware conflict that win95 doesn't like.
            It's hard to write an OS to support all sorts of hardware
            on your PC.  The OS can be flawless but if the device
            drivers are buggy, they still can crash the system.
         \_ Try removing one of your hardware at a time and see if
                   you can load win 95.
            \_ Yeah, start with the Intel processor...
          \_ This may fail on a PC.  But if you remove your
             brain, you may still be able to survive since
             you've never used your brain in the first place.
          \_ intel is actually kinda cool. ms, on the other
             hand, kinda sucks.
        \_ NT != 95, however much MS would like to claim otherwise.
           (part of Microsoft office (not supported as a whole on NT at all)
           causes a nice little memory leak on NT [you'd think MS could do
           better than that... <snicker>])
         \_ No..i don't think MS CAN do better than that :)
        \_ Netscape crashes everywhere.  That is a fact of life caused by the
           insanely accelerated development cycles required to keep up in the
           Internet market these days.  MS Windows 95 & NT crash.  This is
           also a fact of life, but can't be explained by anything more than
           Microsoft pig-headedness & incompetence.
         \_ Netscape crashes on unix machines too.  Netscape just
            crashes.  Reload, no big deal.
        \_ All these NT bashings are just crap.  I use IE 3.0 on NT 4.0
           and it is solid as a rock. - android
         \_  OS/2 Warp 4.0!  Best!  You too, can be
          Captain Picard.  --pcjr
           \_ until you hit a web site that formats your disk for you
           \_ Poor fool.  You got those new fangled soft, squishy, safer
              kinda rocks where you come from?  All these NT bashings are
              based in a reality far more solid than the NT kernel.  BTW,
              I grabbed a copy of those IE3 security files.  I was stunned
              at how simple they are.  Worse than formatting your drive,
              maybe someone will replace part of your OS, grab your pw, etc.
              Yet another dronish android sucked in by MSHype.
              \_ Solution: Disable active content, disable activeX contrls
          and scripts, and disable Java scripts. - android
          \_ Yeah, right...
             \_ But at least MS is providing a solution to that problem
         quickly - android
         \_ Actually, it will probably adversely affect their
            Win98 "your desktop is on the 'Web" view.
            \_ Isn't Armageddon supposed to be this year?
        If so, no Win98!!!
          \_ Not a "solution".  The "solution" is to avoid using
             MS-Bugware on your system.  Read the link at cybersnot
             and you'll see just what a totally clueless fuck you
             are.   Are you on Bill's payroll or something?
          \_ Might as well use lynx if you wanna diable everything.
                    \_ Yay lynx!  May the dumb terminal crushesh thee.
             \_ Disabling everything won't solve this particular
         MS-SecurityDisaster anyway.
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