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1997/2/26 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:32080 Activity:nil
2/25    (Very) Random Tip:  If you want to get a bit more information about
        what's up with your EECS instructional account (i.e. what's been
        going wrong lately) each time you log in, add the following line at
        the start of your .login:
        /usr/sww/bin/lynx -dump http://www-inst.eecs/notices.html | /usr/ucb/tail +10 | /usr/ucb/head -10
1997/2/26 [Uncategorized] UID:32081 Activity:nil
2/25    Return of the Jedi is delayed to March 14th! f*ck!
        \_*doh* where'd u hear this?
            \_ it was in the news. go to
1997/2/26 [Uncategorized] UID:32082 Activity:nil
2/25    Thanks to whoever recommended the Uresh Vahalia book. Very good! --dim
        \_ What kind of book it is?  -bookworm.  me too interested.
           \_ UNIX Internals: The New Frontiers
1997/2/26 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:32083 Activity:nil
2/25    Pointers to anonymous telnet proxies, anyone? Thanks!
        \_ soda.csua - they can only tell you're one of 150 people since
         we don't run identd
           \_ Thanks for the thought, but the Berkeley connection
              might give me away. Any other ideas?
         \_ Don't do illegal shit over the net?
                   \_ Nothing illegal planned; just want to
                      visit someplace and not be recognized...
        \those North Korean/Chinese sites .. or its it gay porn ?
1997/2/26 [Industry/Startup] UID:32084 Activity:nil
2/26    Anyone have any experience w/profit sharing issues in software
        development contracts? I'm looking into becoming a project manager/
        senior developer at a no-name tiny software company, and I'd prefer
        not getting screwed if the product actually makes any money. Any
        sample software contracts available online? Does anyone have a
        clue re: "reasonable" percentages of sales/profits I should be
        pushing for? Stock options are ok, but they're a *looong* way
        away from an IPO (though at least my project would have VC
        funding). Replies via email are fine; I'll summarize any
 useful info I receive. Danke.        -anirvan
        \- there are no generic answers. you need to figure out how much
        you are worth. then you figure out how to trade risk and return,
        money now/money later etc. --psb
1997/2/26 [Reference/BayArea, Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:32085 Activity:nil
2/25    Anyone have a .ps (or any other format) for the City of Berkeley
        parking permits?  I was hoping someone else had already done the
        2 week temp. permit.  thanks (yes I know its illegal)
         \_ Real men don't pay for parking you dick.  Paying for
            parking is like paying for sex.  It just doesn't feel
        \_ Not to mention rather hard for the new ones with the City logo
         embossed in a circle of gold foil.
         \_ Actually the the gold circle just looked like a glued
            on kinda golden thingy.  No big deal to make my own.
        \_ Because of a special agreement, you can place Berkeley Farms
           milk cartons on your dashboard instead of the permits.
        \_ Is all the time you're going to waste really worth the $2 you save?
         \_ I don't live in Berkeley.  I thought that even a 14 day
            permit required CDL and car registration in Berkeley?
                        \_ only some proof you live in berkeley - CDL, phone
                           bill, cable tv bill, whatever - and unless you're
                           a complete dweeb you should be able to find someone
                           who lives in the area of Berkeley you want.  Of
                           course they have no reason to help a shmuck like
                           you steal parking from their neighbors just because
                           you're a lazy selfish cheap asshole
           \_ Yeah, I suppose all the taxes, shitty roads,
              tickets, and other BS isn't punishment enough for
              working in Berkeley.  I should pay $10/day at
              some overpriced garage or get fucked in a variety
              of other ways.  A real city wouldn't have the
              idiotic parking scam Berkeley has.  Thanks for
              info.  I know plenty of people who would help
              out.  Oh yeah, where does "lazy" "selfish"
              "cheap" or "asshole" come in this?  Only a loser
              or a schmuck (learn to spell Yiddish words before
              trying to use them) would submit to the Berkeley
              parking insanity.
              \_ Cars suck, and people who steal money from
          cities and then complain about the roads suck
           \_ "lazy" == take BART/buses or RIDE BIKE!
           \_ so get a f*cking job with an employer
              who'll get you parking (companies *CAN*
              get parking stickers for employees).
              Besides - YOU DON'T PAY ANY TAXES that
              go to the City of Berkeley moron.  (And
              parking is hell everywhere, not just here)
              \_ Pardon me, but where the f*ck do you
          think sales tax goes?  You might be
          surprised to learn that the city
          gets quite a bit of it.
          \_ Yeah the ten years I lived here did a lot to
          improve the roads, not.  Ride a bike?  Yeah right,
          over the bridge, under the freeway, blah blah blah.
          And no parking is not Hell everywhere.  Only in
          Berkeley and SF for the most part.  And yes I have
          and still do pay various taxes to the city of
          Berkeley.  But maybe you're right.  I should join
          the hordes of idiots in Crit. Mass and ride my
          bike 2 hours each way everyday.... or golly I
          could get a job next to where I live for half the
          pay, but it would be good for the environment. Yeah
          right.  When Hell freezes over, plus a day.  As I
          said before thanks for the 14 permit tip.  All
          pro-CM flames to /dev/null.  I couldn't care less.
          \_ Over the bridge?  You're coming from San Francisco
             to Berkeley and you're *driving*?  they should
             charge you extra
           \_ Actually no.  I just had a particular song in
              mind when I wrote that.  I'm on this side of the
              bridge.  "Over the hill and through the woods".
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1997:February:26 Wednesday