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1997/1/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32033 Activity:nil
1/6     TSHIRTS AHOY -- The illustrious Fall '96 CSUA tshirt is available to
        be purchased for a mere $3.  Since it is currently vacation, the way
        to get yours now is to mail lila, since who knows when there will be
        appropriate bodies in the office.
        (description of shirt in /usr/local/csua/tshirt)
1997/1/8 [Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:32034 Activity:nil
1/8     I can't believe Apple spent $400,000,000 to buy NeXT
        and then had to lay off its own employees to cut costs!
        \_ Do you not understand the concept of "restructuring"?  You take
           money which isn't being well spent and start spending it well.
        \_ It's uh, the Apple Vision Thang.  They had Jobs and The Woz at
        their shibang in SF.  They didn't actually say anything about how
        they're going to fix their problems but the flash and glitz looked
        good.  In fact it looked so good that afterwards their stock only
        dropped another $.50/share instead of the roughly $5/share from
        last week.  Way to turn it around apple!  Eventually they may have
        an OS as well developed as their followers misplaced sense of
        loyalty.  >Insert .gif of Mac Happy Bomb here<
           >Insert RESTART button here<
1997/1/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32035 Activity:nil
1/8     So when is CSUA going to remove all alumni accounts, or do
        I have to mail to IS&T to tell on the CSUA?
        \_ The policy has not yet been implemented, in any case.
        \_ Look at the policy VERY carefully.  Notice something written in
         \_ Duh, "draft" = "will be policy unless someone changes it"
          \_ But it's not policy yet, so telling IS&T the CSUA
           isn't following it is pointless.
        \_ The policy allows the CSUA as much time as we need to implement it.
           If IS&T can tell everyone that the UCLinks will take 4 years to
           come into full compliance, so can we.
        \_ What! No alumni accounts???  That's it...UCB, don't expect any
           alumni donation.  To all UCB alumnus, do not donate $$$ to
           UCB unless UCB removes this policy.
         \_ The alumni they care about donating don't give a shit
            about free accounts - if you can give $100,000 to Cal,
            you don't worry about having to pay $14.95 a month for
            e-mail.  Nice try, but don't think it matters one bit.
         \_ Like you'd donate money to this place anyway.
1997/1/8 [Computer/SW] UID:32036 Activity:nil
1/8     Congrats to our own Sameer Parekh, for making the MicroTimes 100

        "Pakh won the thanks of a grateful online populace by staunchly
         holding the line against the notion that ISPs should police the
         activities of their users. In the face of pressure from groups
         as varied as the Church of Scientology and the Simon Wiesenthal
         Center (to say nothing of an incredibly over-the-top and hastily-
         withdrawn "contributory copyright infringement" lawsuit from the
         Software Publishers Association because Community ConneXion refused
         to track and remove hypothetical links from user Web pages to
         pirate sites), Parekh politely but firmly stood by his policy of
         respecting his customers' privacy and the freedom on the Net."
         \_ Gracias. - "The Drug Cartels"
         \_ Danke. - "The Nazis"
         \_ Getafuckingclue.
         \_ +h4|\|x D00D!!1 - "The VJAR3z hosers"
         \_ That took balls.  Congrats.
         \_ Why?  All he had to do was ignore it.
         \_ The yardstick for excellence has really shrunk, hasn't it?
         \_ Sameer is slime, but not because of his customers.
         \_Thanks for this uninformative bit of flaming flame-bait.
         I now feel so much more informed.
         \_ Sameer is slime cause he cheats his employees,
            among other things. -aspolito
1997/1/8 [Uncategorized] UID:32037 Activity:nil
1/7     Anyone interested in skiing Tahoe Sun-Mon?  Unless the weather
        goes to hell again, I'm going somewhere out there, can take
        a couple people.  -jor
1997/1/8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:32038 Activity:nil
1/8     thread rearranged. I have a "solution"
        the draft says "Eligibility to Use Campus Email"
        CSUA will just have to restrict /usr/lib/sendmail
        for use by students only.  Alumni cant use email... wheee!!!
         \_ Members of group "alumni" will also be forbidden from
            using trn/tin/pine/etc. as newsgroups are defined as
            a form of e-mail by the policy.

         prepared to say goodbye to your soda accounts soon.)
        \_ Perhaps we could push for some kind of precedent that would
           allow alumni organizations to allow alumnis accounts for the
           sole purpose of conducting University-related discourse?
         \_ Don't forget about all the job recommendations and
          general advice/wisdom to be gotten from alumni.
          If the CSUA kills my Berkeley account, then I
          won't have much of a link to current Berkeley
          \_ The CSUA doesn't want to remove alumni accounts.
             We know alumni are good.  If we are forced to it
             will only be because everything else we've tried,
             including appeals to the Chancellor have failed.
             This isn't over yet - it hasn't even started.
         \_ Darn.  I wish I had gone to Stanfurd.  The graduates
          there get accounts at
          But then again, they give money to the school.
          If IS&T won't let me have an alumni account,
          I won't give money to the school.  I know at
          Davis you pay a flat fee of $500 or so to
          get lifetime alumni library privileges,
          discounts, and maybe an e-mail account too?
          Is there something like this from the
          Cal Alumni Association?  --pcjr
          \_ The alumni association uses the campus net
             connection and is also prohibited from giving
             out alumni accounts.  They will set you up with
             a deal with Netcom though.  -alanc-
           \_ What is the deal with Netcom though?
            Can one choose an ISP?
            Not having a Berkeley acct kinda
            defeats the purpose of alumniship,
            if you ask me.  --pcjr
         \_ For those who think this is a hoax, look at
            and see if you can find any way to allow alumni
            accounts given the limitations there.
           \_ "Departments may provide email service to contractors,
        independent consultants, or other qualifying
        individuals for the sole purpose of conducting their
        business with the University."
        How about we all become Brian Harvey's personal
        consultants. Unspecified tasks to be done, of course.
        And we would work for free. -- lars
         \_ we won't have to get rid of soda alumni accounts,
            we just have to give a timeline for getting rid
            of them, say 100 years after graduation..
            \_ Get a clue, if you do that, IS&T will simplely close
        the loophole very quickly.
         \_ What might this mean for majordomo mailing lists run off
            CSUA?  Is this an inappropriate use of "campus email"? -stevie
         \_ Not as far as anyone can find in the policy.
          \_Is soda.csua "owned or operated by the University or any of
            its sub-units"?  If not, or if it's not well-defined, I don't
            see what the fuss is about.  It seems like the documents are
            too vague for IS&T to have a point. -stevie
         \_ IS&T has stated they consider any and all machines
            connected to the campus network to be subject to this
            policy, whether the University "owns" them or not. -alanc-
        \_ Why?  --- yuen
         \_ Because alumni don't give money to IS&T and they're
           jealous of all the other places on campus alumni do
                  get money (and they just figured out they can screw
           over the rest of the campus this way)
           \_ I thought CSUA is not under IS$T.  Maybe they don't
              even like the fact that non IS$T machines are using
              campus ethernet.  --- yuen
          \_ IS&T runs the campus network - they make the
             policies everyone connected to the network
             (including the CSUA and people's home computers
             using Home-IP or in-room dorm connections) must
             follow.   -alanc-
           \_ So I can't allow my alumni friends to use
           my computer?  Golly.  hahahhahahahhah
            \_ Not if they're using
             UCB's net connection.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1997:January:08 Wednesday