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1996/10/19 [Uncategorized] UID:31946 Activity:nil
10/18   What ever happened to the 5500?
1996/10/19 [Recreation/Food] UID:31947 Activity:nil
10/18   I've got some money put into my annual guilt trip allayment fund,
        and am looking for nonprofits that do good work with local
        poor/homeless to donate to. How's Food not Bombs?
        \_"Food, not Bombs" is less community service and more political
        activism.  If you really want to help people, there's a small group
        that operates in west Oakland called Western Service Workers
        Association.  I did a stint with them a long while back.  They were
        definitely legitimate.
        \_ Food Not Bombs does more with less than any other service
           organization I have ever seen. Their only "political" stance
           is that homeless are people. My experience with WSWA is that
           that they are a bunch of vaguely totalitarian, though good
           hearted, commie loons. Coming from me, that says a lot. Also,
           why not sign your posts? -ausman
             \_Well, they've started riots in SF and distributed quite a
           bit of political literature for a number of wacko causes
           in SF, at least when I was in high school there.  -John
         \_"vaguely totalitarian... commie loons."??? and just how
         would you describe FNB??  MY experience with FNB is that they
         ARE political. Hell, they didn't just pick that name because
         they were enamored of its idiocy. -crebbs
            \_ Also, they stole food from CLOYNE (this was like 4
          years ago).
        \_ How about a Guatemalan death squad?  -John
1996/10/19 [Computer/HW/CPU] UID:31948 Activity:nil
10/18   Monday Exponential Systems releases 533MHz PPC chip.  The Intel,
        The! -dbushong
        \_ Huh Intel Huh?
           \_ Watch Simpsons!  Have you no culture?
         \_ Bablyon 5 is true culture - the Narns & gospel scene of
            this week's episode (you know what I'm talking about if
            you saw it - if not watch the Sunday rerun) is art of
            the highest degree.
            \_ Essence of Clockwork Orange, distilled into 120 seconds
          of tv.  WOW!
1996/10/19 [Reference/Celebration] UID:31949 Activity:nil
10/18   Happy 27th Birthday cmlee!!
        \_ Thanks.  I feel old. -- cmlee
           \_ you're 27?  I thought you only graduated recently?
            \_ you're just a boy! - duck
             \_ I am ripe for women.  -- cmlee
1996/10/19 [Computer/SW/WWW/Server, Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31950 Activity:nil
10/17   Hi, does anyone know of a web browser that runs on Linux, and/or
        a web server that runs on Win95 (pref. free, of course). Thanks.
        \_ go to http:/// for the Linux version of Netscape
           and for the Apache WWW Server.
         \_ Apache runs on Linux (and other unixes) but not 95
            If you want to be a web server, get a real OS on that
            box - Win95 will *NEVER* be a decent web server (you
            could go to NT, but you'll have to pay through the nose
            for NT Server since Microsoft has f*cked-up license
            restrictions against using NT Workstation as a server).
        \_ Thanks for the info.  I just wanted to test a server on W95, not
           actually use it for anything real.  -barn
1996/10/19 [Uncategorized] UID:31951 Activity:nil
10/17   FYI.  Sung Hi Lee appearing in person this Friday at
        the Sound Factory to promote her new calendar.
          \_ Ahm is prettier. Sexier too.
        \_ carpoolP
        \_ ~erich/NUDE/
1996/10/19 [Uncategorized] UID:31952 Activity:nil
10/17   There seemed to be some interest in the blurb about the composition
        of net traffic [Why do I foolishly take on more commitments?]. I'll
        put a note here when/if I write it up. --psb
          \_ Because you are a media whore.
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1996:October:19 Saturday