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1996/9/25 [Uncategorized] UID:31892 Activity:nil
9/25    Is anyone taking ethnic studies 130? I missed a couple of lectures
        and I really need to copy someone's notes for the lectures I
        missed since MT is coming up. Thanks in advance for any help! I
        am really desperate now. - bkong
1996/9/25 [Industry/Startup] UID:31893 Activity:nil
9/25    If you have stock options at a company (i.e., the ability to purchase
        x shares at x price), do you lose them when you quit the company?  Or
        do you still have the option to purchase whenever you want to?  How
        long *are* they valid?    --tabloyd
        \_ ONE SHARE! ONE SHARE!
        /_ haahahhaahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahaahh!
        \_I'm asking because my company wants me to sign something saying that
          "none of my ...stock options will have vested...therefore I will lose
          all rights to stock options."  But I've been here a year and a half,
          so I'd think any stock options (which they said we have but never
          gave us any info about) would have at least *partially* vested...  --t
          \_ youd think that.  Unfortunately you are assuming you work for
        nice fair people, and not predatory capatalists :-) :-(   They
               don't give a fuck about you, and they just dangle "stock options"
               in front of your face so that
        1) you will think you are some kind of player and not a corporate
           stooge (gee -- i have stock options, just like the corporate
           big shots I hear about on TV!) :)
        2) you will work very very very very hard for them.

        I don't mean you in particular of course -- it happens all the time.
        There was probably some fine print in something you signed along
        time ago which describes what rights (if any) you have... I wouldn't
        sign anything tho; that implies you have the upper hand :) :)
        \_ It's fairly standard practice to not let you vest until after
           some period of time.  After 5 years, all of my options will be
           vested, but after 1 year, one fifth of them will be vested;
           every month thereafter, I get so much more vested.  I
           have to wait a minimum of a year to get any of them vested.
           Once they are vested, I can exercise what I have vested (ie, buy).
           The buying price is typically some nice value below market price,
           so that you can make a happy profit minux nasty, complicated taxes.
           So, as far as I know, vested options are not valid outside of
           the company, but once you exercised them you will have real
           stock.  -cliffwd
1996/9/25 [Reference/Celebration] UID:31894 Activity:nil
9/25    HAPPY BIRTHDAY, KAREN(kane)!
1996/9/25 [Recreation/Computer/Games, Recreation/Sports] UID:31895 Activity:nil
9/24    Does someone have a ticket to the Stanfurd game they will sell me?
        It would make me happy! -gong
1996/9/25-29 [Recreation/Dating] UID:31896 Activity:high
9/24    BBQ set for 10/12/96.  Everyone is invited.  Potluck style
        or people can chip in and someone can get stuff as usual.  I
        am hoping to get CS faculty and other student groups.
        \_ If this date is really bad for anyone, please mail me! -jsl
        \_ If this date is really bad for anyone, please maul me! -jsl
         \_ if the date is really "set" then what's the point?
          \_ if enough people have trouble date can be changed
             \_ then it's not that 'set' is it?
        \_ As for other students societies to get involved, where are you
           going to have it?
1996/9/25 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31897 Activity:nil
9/24    R.I.P. O.C.F. (1989-1996)  - Of all the ways to go, who ever thought
        electrical fire would be the one to do you in...
        \_how extensive is the damage?
           \_/home/* & /opt/ (including /usr/local) melted -alanc-
         \_ The drive electronics melted, so we've decided to take
            the drives apart so we can put kenji's head on a platter.
         \_ There goes my backup of my backup.
            \_ What Backups?
          \_ the ocf actually does do backups now
             \_ INCONCEIVABLE! Who does them? I don't remember
         the OCF buying a tape drive that could
         handle the sparc clone in a reasonable manner.
         \_ I do not think that word means what you
            think it means.
           \_ kenji has been doing them using a 4 DAT
              autoloader similar to the one the OCF is
              in the process of buying. -alanc-
         \_ At least web and mail files weren't nuked.  -gong
           I THINK NOT
         \_ Looks like nweaver has become the next TED KAZINSKI
         \_ nweaver left the OCF years ago, but is still the only
            person in OCF history to be denied a spot on the Board
            of Directors
        \_Name:    http://ocf.Berkeley.EDU
          Aliases:  http://diskbox-on-fire.Berkeley.EDU
           \_ name a machine "headcrash", and the disk rattles.  name
              a machine "plague", and it acts like a lingering illness.
              name a machine "apocalypse", and... well...  --mconst
         \_ "And verily yea did they the disks of the
    spew forth fire and
             brimstone..." [Revelation 42:42]
          \_ Aren't you missing a "begat" or two?
             \_Just great! Next the world is coming to an end.
          \_ "In the beginning there was the UCF, which
              begat the bastard child XCF.  The great prophet
              Dan Efron then begat the CSUA and OCF in order
              to combat the great evil of ISaTan and the XCF."
              [The Book of Partha 3:14]
              \_ It's a reach to say that Dan begot the CSUA.
          Dan is the Messiah.  Mark Hastings is the
          Prophet, for offering the presidency to Dan.
1996/9/25 [Uncategorized] UID:31898 Activity:nil
9/24    Anyone get any real use from my win95 boot files?  Anyone know
        a better way to do that stuff?  I was hoping for some feedback.
        \_ Works great!  Now if only I could get other OS's into the menu,
           like linux Or FreeBSD.
           \_ System Commander! -norby
1996/9/25 [Academia/UCLA] UID:31899 Activity:nil
9/23    Anyone have an extra ticket for the UCLA game they'll
        sell me? --dpassage
        \_Have one.  How much you willing to pay??
1996/9/25 [Uncategorized] UID:31900 Activity:nil
9/23    Still looking for SNES carts other than SuperMarioWorld -- Marco
        \_ why not FSP some FSP cart images from your fav WAREZ site?
           \_ And how would I play these on my SNES? Shoo, troll! -- Marco
         \_ I believe if you say, "PLUGH" they go away.... -- reiffin
           \_ Too much extra hardware involved -norby
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