Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1996:September:15 Sunday
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1996/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31881 Activity:nil
9/12    /home/biff seems to be working now.  scotch is down, tho, as it
        seems to be suffering some major hardware problems.  until
        it's fixed, /www and /ftp will be inaccessible.
1996/9/15-10/9 [Uncategorized] UID:31882 Activity:nil
9/10    If you would like to do office hours this semester, send mail to
        office-hours-request@csua with the days and times during which you
        can hold them.
1996/9/15-11/16 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31883 Activity:nil
9/9     Politburo meetings are Tuesdays, 6:00pm, in 337 Soda.  When we're
        not busy having general meetings, of course.  Whether it's a general
        meeting or a politburo meeting, it is ASUC sponsored and wheelchair
1996/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31884 Activity:nil
9/9     The first GENERAL MEETING of the semester will be Tuesday, September
        17, 6:30pm, room TBA.
1996/9/15-10/9 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf] UID:31885 Activity:nil 72%like:31935
9/6     Volunteer for the CSUA/OCF/XCF Help Sessions!  If you think you can
        teach people of varying clue level in any of the topics that are in
        ~helper/helper.topics or you want to try, mail help-organizer@csua
        with with the topics you want to teach and optionally, days of the
        week that might be convenient for you or a brief description of what
        you might teach.  Also, if you have any topics that are not on the
        list that you think should be, tell us!
1996/9/15-29 [Uncategorized] UID:31886 Activity:nil
8/26    Still looking for keys. If you have them tell the secretary
        (tmonroe@csua), or return them.

              [See also: /usr/local/csua/jobs/* & /usr/local/csua/housing/*]
1996/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA] UID:31887 Activity:nil
9/14    Please don't forget to return library books back to the CSUA
1996/9/15 [Computer/SW] UID:31888 Activity:nil
9/13    Nick Weaver is leaving us!!!!!
        \_ Good riddance.
        \_ nweaver still has his account;  his last wish is not
           being honored!!!!!
           \_ pull a paul eastham
         \_to quote the life file "We WHo Are About to Cry, Salute You"
         Some of us will miss ya NIck. Take care.
1996/9/15 [Industry/Startup] UID:31889 Activity:nil
9/13    TUPAC RIP
        \_Good riddance.
         \_ What's this crap? 2Pac was no saint, but he was a fine
            musician who made millions of people happy. Can you claim
                   that? I think not. --elizp
            \_ A fine musician?  he was a lousy fucking pop rap singer.
        Millions of people happy?  what, was he the fuck-bunny
        when he was in the slammer?
        \_ actually he was fairly decent for a rap singer..
           most all my friends who listn to rap wud say so too.
           not quite my style (not into heavy gangsta rap) tho.
           so unless you listen to rap alot quit talkn outa yer
           ass.. -shac
          \_ fix your grammer, or FACE THE ONSLAUGHT - danh
          \_ tupac also sucked for not having a big
          fake nose in digital underground - psb
             \_ Too bad he's dead.  Now you can't talk about how
         much gangsta rap sucks ass.  "fine musician" ha ha.
1996/9/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31890 Activity:nil
9/13    Does anyone still have "Hilfinegger" GIF around by any chance?
        \_ ask wso@cory ... he made it in the first place.
1996/9/15 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Motd] UID:31891 Activity:nil
9/10    Positions open at LucasArts.  Look in /usr/local/csua/jobs/LucasArts
        for: 3D_Tools_Programmer Games_Programmer Level_Designer.  Don't
        blame me for the hokiness.  -mogul

(mail from nweaver to csua@csua)

        Soda, for a considerable time, has maintained a hostile online
environment.  I do not care to comment more on soda's "traditions",
but I have observed that the soda environment is affecting me.  I have
grown increasingly hostile online, and this trend is disturbing.
Several times in the past I've tried to moderate my online behavior,
without success.

        Therefore, I am terminating my soda account, removing myself
from csua@csua, and severing all other ties to the online portion of
the Computer Science Undergraduate Association.  I expect these
connections will never be restored.

                                Nicholas C Weaver

        You should not leave. I agreed that sometimes the posting on
MOTD and WALL is quite offensive. But I suggest you to take a more
proactive approach -- instead of letting the soda online environment
affect you, why don't you do something to change it?! I really think
we should stop the flamming and use of dirty language in MOTD and
WALLING!  -bkong
        \_ If you are not a cower, leave your name here! what a cower!
        \_ Yer mom!
        \_ I raved with Nick Weaver
        \_ I listened to Nick Weaver's lab partners ask me if it would be
           acceptable to throttle him.  -John
        \_ I broke supermagnets in Nick Weavers kitchen, with Nick Weaver- danh
        \_ I reported Nick Weaver to the OSC - ikiru
        \_ I went to Bondage-A-Go-Go with Nick Weaver
         \_ I went goth dancing with Nick Weaver
        \_ I was in 'Nam with Nick Weaver
        \_ I partied with Nick Weaver in CS150.
        \_ I party with nick weaver in cs150 all the time now.
        \_ I made special brownies with Nick Weaver
\_  AHA!!  So CSUA is the culprit!  Boy, I always knew it!  I admit that I
have been growing increasingly hostile online as well, especially on some
e-mail mailing lists.  When I was a newbie I was really nice, and then I'm
not, and I couldn't for the life of me figure out why I changed.  Little
did I realize that after every login, the motd would fly into my eyes and
burn in my brain, subconsciously, of course, so that when I would check my
mail, I would respond with such venom in order to release the negative
energies pent up by said motd.  I forget how not to show the motd upon
login, sigh..  --pcjr
        \_ yer _still_ a newbie, ya twit.
        \_ next time i will get big gnarly dudes to mug pcjr - danh
        \_ I'll do it  --Mongo
\_ If this is a prank, it is a great one. I think that soda encourages every
member of the community to understand each others behavior. When you begin to
understand the inherent contradictions in the world, you become less two
dimensional and less "nice" because nice is not so clear anymore. Growing
up is a painful thing to do, but I encourage it. -ausman
\_ this message brought to you by a guy who dreams of having sex
          with a search engine - danh
\_ oh Dennis, there you go again bringing class into it. -ali (or something)
I'm very happy that nick is leaving. He is an idiot and should figure out
how to change his personality and learn how to treat his friends.
\_ If you have guts, leave your login name! Don't just flame people.
          Everyone's learning and it's pointless to call other people idiot
          while you are learning yourself also.  - ivy
        \_ Nick is hardly an idiot.  He is socially inept, often rude, and
           sometimes annoying, but he is certainly not an idiot.  As such
           I think he would make a good employee, though not much of a friend.
           \ i am good worker drone.
         \_ good employees can talk to people, i.e. are socially adept
             \_ Sheesh.  No wonder Nick wants to get away from the CSUA.
         With a defense like that...  I like Nick a great deal,
                actually.  And yes, he is very smart.  -brandy
         \_ He may not be an idiot, but he's definitely a twink.
             \_ I didn't like Nick, but I like him a lot more now that he
         has made this statement. Ausman: What "nice" is seems very
                clear to me. It means not insulting people constantly for
                no reason. It means not doing things that can hurt other
                people's feelings. Here's another vote against all the flaming.
              \_ Fuck you. -John

Comment on the whole thread:  I'm sure nick is really sorry to leave
behind so many compassionate and understanding friends of his, who
never use curse words treat people with respect, and never, never
write anything mean or childish in the motd.  -PeterM

I think nick found a gurl.
\_ maybe he found a guy!
\_ maybe he bought a snazzy sports car, or took up netrek or something

Nick had another choice.... he could have simply avoided reading the walls
        \_ Nick had choice or choice had Nick ? Inq. minds want to know.
        \_ another choice ?! Oh shit...
and only checked out the motd now and then to keep up with events in general.
There's nothing that says anyone has to be involved directly with the online
crap on a daily basis just because they have a soda account.  I think Nick's
decision was way overblown.  Posting to the motd was just a dramatic gesture
he knew was bound to start the sort of flame war he claims he is trying to
avoid in his own life.  The whole thing is really ridiculous.  The wall thing
is ridiculous.  The logs are ridiculous.  People trying to squish each other
over nothing all the time is ridiculous.  A public motd is ridiculous.
I doubt it will happen, but the CSUA needs to think seriously about what sort
of .org it wants to be and then actually do something towards that end.  The
current CSUA is extremely random and undirected.  Despite what some may think,
chaos is *not* a good thing.  Similarly, people who post things
in contradiction to the politburo should be squished.  All citizens
of the US should carry passes at all times and their homes should
be subject to search.  All files should be inspected and if the owner
cannot prove that the files are for the good of the state they should be
shot.  CSUA is not a club for the enjoyment of its users, it is an
institution and should be respected and feared.  The master race will
rule the world.

soda is an experimetn in anarchy. fuck off -cypherpunk

Soda is a piece of hardware and old hardware at that.  Save yourself.

-- It looks like a bathouse 'cause it's tiled and green

Soda is my personal kingdom, full of my undying slaves condemned
to server me as the eternal undead. - danh
\_ Happy happy haiku.
        Blustering blow hole
        snoozing with the buffalo
        nonsensical pencil

"What about guns?  When do we get guns?"
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