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1996/8/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31874 Activity:nil
8/4     A cache full of undelivered mail from the Fourth of July weekend
        when soda was down was just discovered and delivered early Sunday
        morning.  If you get way old mail, that's probably why.  Sorry about
        the delay - the on scotch has been fixed so this
        hopefully will not happen again.  -alanc-
1996/8/7-8 [Academia/Berkeley/CSUA/Troll] UID:31875 Activity:nil
8/7     All the 'free danh' ascii shit deleted.  it's that kind of figlet
        abuse on walls that gets him squished.  don't be fucking stupid,
        you mindless danh minions.
        \_ All anti-danh factions are hereby reminded that sometimes
           laxatives _DO_ help
        \_ i did not write that.  fuck you forging fuckers.  -lila
1996/8/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31876 Activity:nil
8/7     What is that basic command to change your fone # and everything?
        \_jove .project  - dumbass
1996/8/7-8 [Recreation/Dating] UID:31877 Activity:high
8/7     What's a better gift for the first date, single long stem rose
        or cute little teddy bear?
        \_ SAP ALERT
        \_ A chainsaw!  Either red, or yellow, your choice.
        \_ This had better be a good first date.  Please don't write on
           the motd next -- "She stood me up.  What should I do?"
        \_ if she's under 18, definitely teddy bear. If over 23, definitely
           rose. Somewhere between is hard to choose.
        \_ Would a bouquet overdo it?
           (don't ask me why, I've just been told that yellow
           is the right choice) - jed
        \_ Yellow == friendship, Red == love, Purple == ????
                \_ no no don't get a yellow rose - yellow stands for sickness
                as well, and is more accepted as a color for get-well-wishes
                and such. i'd avoid the teddy bear- too cutesy & high school.
                \_ Yellow also means infidelity.
                \_ White means friendship, dumb ass.
        \_ do _not_ buy a yellow rose.  it means loss of love or
                infidelity.  do _not_ buy a white rose.  it means
                friendship, which is not the right sentiment for
                a date.  do _not_ buy a red rose, because it means
                passionate love, which is premature on a first date.
                do _not_ buy a teddy bear, because that's really corny.
                do _not_ go to a formal restaurant for dinner on a first date,
                because that's too tense.  save the gifts and formal
                stuph for later, when real feelings have had time to
                develop.  if you must bring a gift, make sure it's
                small, and refers in a humorous way to how you
                met her or something else unique about her.  -hh
                \_ carpooling...think about it
        \_ a teddy bear for a first date?  I'd say go for the rose, it'll
           make her feel less "under pressure."  And I'd go for the pink
           rose - pink means "attraction" (less direct than the red rose).
        \_ Dewd/dewdette don't worry about it. Just be yourself and enjoy
           the date.
        \_ A Mum means Hope. -
        \_  I think purple roses look the best
        \_ How about a black rose?
                \-giver her a black lotus. if she doesnt play magic and
        realize what you've given her, then dump her. --psb
        \_ Don't give him/her a rose.  It makes you too predictable and
                boring.  You wanna look cool.  Treat him/her to dinner,
                and give a box of gummy worms (teddy bears too, if you
                want to be a sap).
                Don't give gummy salamanders though.  It signifies
                desperate sex.  --pcjr
        \_ I'd prefer a bullwhip.  or a switchblade. I suppose if the date
           consisted of shooting holes in the teddy bear, that too would
           be acceptable. -ray
        \_ I don't give gift on first date; that is so passe. - choice
        \_ Yeah, first date, so passe man. Why don't you skip all that
           and go straight to the hysterical breakup scenes? Get with it. -pvg
        \_ Don't knock Origami flowers.  Always a good choice
        \_ Why? You fucking lose in the end any which way.
        \_ What's a difference between "going out" and a "date"?
        \_ ZERO TOLERANCE!!!!!
           \_ not enough to shut up, apparently.
        \_ Don't you dumbfucks know anything? (except psb who had a good
           idea.)  Bring condoms.  If she doesn't play and realize what
           you've given her, then dump her.  --psb fan
1996/8/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31878 Activity:nil
8/5     C2Net is hiring once again.
1996/8/7-8 [Recreation/Food] UID:31879 Activity:nil
8/5     Anybody know of a good Bay Area restaurant guide online besides
        the one on  That one is down a lot.
        \_ Try   -reka
        \_ Also try -joeking
        \_ for more upscale restaurants
         \- for "named" restaurants, try mailto:lisha@csua. --psb
        \_ try --chris
1996/8/7-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31880 Activity:high
8/5    Anyone ever been to "Acres of Orchids"? Is it a good place to visit?
              THanks for any info. - turin
        \_ What *is* Acres of Orchids?  Where is it?  Tell us more.
        \_ acres of orchids is this place that grows orchids, essentially.
           they have a giant machine to rotate seeds and show you how
           nurseries grow the orchids they sell.  it's way neat.  -ray
666           nurseries grow the orchids they sell.  it's way neat.  -ray
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