Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1995:November:03 Friday
Berkeley CSUA MOTD
1995/11/3 [Recreation/Dating, Health/Men] UID:49803 Activity:nil
11/3    Nov 3, 1995
415 921 7399

Please do not call after midnight or before dawn.   I will not read any
e-mail regarding this post.  i ask that interested parties call me
on the phone as this is a personal matter.  Thank you.

Male Beauty To Hellenistically Bathe And Pose For My Watercolor

Nebulous Tabula Rosa

Soft, large eyed, tall, slender yet curvaceous, athletic, healthy,
small breasted, sensual, pretty SWF 30, with lengthy, strong,
playfully affectionate legs seeks educated 20-29 healthy,
emotionally sound, clean, shy, drug free nonsmoking, 6ft+, strong
SWM with a flawless and fair complexion, short hair,
and a *kind* heart to share private sensitivities with while
bathing him, posing for her watercolor and exchanging love, kisses and
monogamous prospectives.   Too, you should be a man that would enjoy
having your feet massaged and bathed as well as the rest of your physic.

No sexually transmitted diseases, mean men or men who seek a mother figure.
I want to love a man and be loved by a man that can cry and laugh with me.
A shy man appeals to me and I prefer a virgin or one that has not had
many lovers.

Please do not call me if you have a girl friend and are looking for a casual
interaction because she does not fulfill your desires.  I am not
casual and I do not find interacting with a man who functions on a
physical level alone to be interesting.  Please do not call me if you
are an avid TV watcher or sports fan.  I do not like loud crowds,
TV sounds and sport event atmospheres.  I do not want to fall in
love with a man who has his 'team'.   Please do not call me if you
have a 'team'.  Men who have a team can not live spontaneously.

If you are a beautiful man, as the one I describe in mind and body, and
seek what I offer, please call me.  I will not read any e-mail.  Do not
call me unless you are happy with your physic and have an honest mind that
enjoys tenderness and avoids pain.

I enjoy country sides, picnics, opera, theater, dancing, the symphony and
I want to share love with a man who will bring me Godiva chocolates and
blue and pink flowers whenever he comes to visit.  And I enjoy adventure
and having a comfortable home is important to me.  It is nice to have a
wonderful place to return should the adventure be cumbersome.

I am a writer and are quite busy.  I work for the airlines which has
allowed me to experience the more beautiful parts of the world such
as Tahiti, which is my favorite.   I enjoy the delicate life style that
the islands offer in their sounds, scent and temperature.  I prefer
gentle atmospheres to extreme ones although Alaska in the winter is
one of my favorite places given its penetrating silence and northern

I think that a wonderful way to begin a relationship with another, should
attraction be present, is to bathe one another.  This intimacy may take
time to transpire however.   In depth discussions and interacting in various
environments may first be necessary before such a trust could be
considered.   I am uncomfortable with a fast pace and fast men.

Being bathed is a delicate and intimate way to get to know another while
building trust and understanding.   I would wash your hair and with steamy
water, soothe your mind and your beautiful body, treating you with
my finest love and tenderness.  I could not be cruel or forceful.
And at any time you are free to change your mind and I will not put up a fuss.
If we are mutually attracted to one another I would enjoy beginning a
relationship with you this way.  I prefer a shy man and I do not like a
man who is arrogant.  I feel more comfortable with a shy man.

Please, no mean messages from men playing mind games or from angry
women telling me that I am a bad woman.   Or from unconscious people
who think being well groomed implies superficial character.

Whenever I make postings of any type I tend to get some e-mail messages
from people yelling at me so I have decided not to read my e-mail
unless it is from someone that I know.  Also, given the simplicity
in forging mail, I do not find mail to be an appropriate or discreet
way of meeting such a man or of making correspondences with those that
I do not know.

This is not a joke.  Please call me only if you
ARE THE MAN I DESCRIBE and are interested in learning
about who I am and want to be loved and love.  PLEASE DO NOT CALL ME

I want to bathe and paint a healthy man who takes care
of his body, respects it and protects its vulnerabilities.
If you are a world traveler and you do not take the
precautions that are necessary then do not contact me.  I
am not interested in a man that lives as an action figure
because I then will not feel that I can trust my body with
him.  I will not trust myself with a man who has not cared for
his own body and mind.   A man is simply human and I will only share my
love and affections with one that enjoys celebrating his humanity; he
carefully seeks out his limits and works within
them, not outside of them to where he then ages prematurely.  It is not
possible for two to share in a healthy relationship if either person
is lacking in health or does not enjoy what it is to be human.

The morning is a beautiful time for lovers, lovers who are healthy.  If
you drink coffee I am not interested in you as coffee drinkers have poor
breath and taste poor, particularly come morning time which is my
favorite time for love making.  Also, do not call me.  I want the sound
of soft breath moving in and out.  That sound contents me.  Snore sounds
agitate me.  A shy, sleepy man is so very sexy in the morning hours, my
favorite time of day as long as it is taken slow and easy, instinctually.

I do not have children and I am not interested in a man seeking a woman
simply for the reason of having his.  I am seeking love with a man who
needs a mate to enjoy life with.  I am happy and I want to share that
however I am not interested in rushing through things.  Commitments take
time and serious thought..

If you are serious about taking part in a sensual relationship with me
please do not e-mail me but call me on the telephone at 415 921 7399.
But only if you fit the description.   Any e-mail I receive with respect
to this posting I do not read.

Please do not call me if you are not what I describe.  I have taken
time to write this because I am looking for a SPECIFIC man, not any man.  If
you have now forgot the type of man I seek, and want to call, please reread
this letter before calling.  Call me only if you fit the description.  I am
seeking a very beautiful man in mind and body that cares for himself well.

The ritual of Hellenistically bathing a man is a healing, sensual
expression of love and intimacy towards him.  Sound is important.  Taste,
temperature, texture and lighting.

A man once called me and went on about how he Jacuzzi hops.  That is not
the experience I am interested in creating.   The sounds are small.  The
trickles of water squeezed from a cloth soaked in hot water gently tracing
down your spine.  Tracing my finger tips with an oil aside the moisture.
The lighting is soft.  Afore my fire place in my Penthouse where I keep
my rustic ceramic tub, big enough to hold your feet where I first tend
to them before discovering the rest.  In that I would bathe you as you
stood.  The warmth from the fire and the steamy water I attentively kept
your feet covered with will warm you.

Once your feet were properly cared for, bathed, clipped and massaged, I
then would brush your hair lightly, dampen it with my fingers and wash
it for you.  Perhaps then you might tell me your stories about things
that you've done, your dreams and hopes.

Trickles of soothing warm water crossing your body.

Thank you,

Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1995:November:03 Friday