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1994/4/17 [Academia/Berkeley/Ocf, Academia/UCLA] UID:31568 Activity:nil
4/16    Do all universities have such lousy campus computing facilities
        or is it just my luck that I chose the worst possible place in
        terms of computing resources?  EVERYTHING is always slow, crashes,
        ...   (even soda :(   )
        \_ public computing facilities or just those for EE/CS people?  If
           you are referring to the former, ever checked out ucla?
           ( or ucsd (  both of them are
           really lame... ucla is, imho, even worse than uclink -shyguy
        \_ most of my friends at other universities are jealous of our facilities.
           The problem is that the campus computing facilites  are undergoing
           SERIOUS growing pains...the number of people with accounts has
           increased 5- or 6-fold in the past year or so.  What with all the
           media hype, the "common people" are starting to get interested in
           having net access.  However, the campus facilities do seem to be
           growing almost fast enough...give them time. -boss
        \_ No, all universities don't have lousy campus computing facilities.
           Just go to the U. of Illinois for example.  I think most people
           have heard me rave about it enough already - norby
        \_ My friends at other universities are amazed with UCB's computer
           department.  It is a very good place to study anything and
           everything.  Excellent LIBRARIES and COMPUTER facilities. -ikiru
        \_ FOOLS. the answer is simple: we were all dumb asses for going
         to a state school. Anyone at a private university will laugh
         at UCB's facilities. Even some L.A. only schools. Sad. You
         are getting what you pay for.
         \_ FOOL! yourself..then how come we are paying more each
            year and the resources get more scarce every year?
           \_ I'd like to know which Cal you people go to! All I see
              are new machines (uclink and uclink2 spring to mind,
              as well as numerous labs, including the new HP lab).
              Soda is a unique environment, and I am happy we have
              it. Not many schools have a playground like we do
              (you can file the OCF under that heading, too). Sure,
              we each don't have a NeXt or SPARC (though some of us
              do), but I don't think twinks like you deserve any better
              anyhow! What whiners! As long as you can look at
              gifs of nekkid gurlz, you should be happy!
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