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1994/4/15-7/22 [Computer/SW/WWW/Browsers] UID:31561 Activity:nil
4/11    CSUA upcoming events/important dates in http://scotch/dates.html
        Use lynx or Mosaic to view.
1994/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31562 Activity:nil
4/15    gopher upgraded to 2.013.  Bugs to alanc
        \_ bookmarks from old version are broken. gopher.old -b still works
1994/4/15 [Academia/Berkeley/Classes] UID:31563 Activity:nil
4/14    How is CS184?  Is it insane to take it with CS150?  Would I be
        better off taking CS162 instead of 184?
        \_ You'd be insane to take a class like CS150 at the same time as
           any programming super-intensive course like 184 or 162!
           All three of these classes require 40 hour work weeks+
           150 by itself requires you to give up your life.  Any of the
           others will require the lives of your loved ones as well.
           \_ Well put.
              \_ Sad, but true.
         \_ CS 162 with smith REALLY SUCKS...wait on that one 'till spring,
           'cuz they have changed the schedule, and Anderson is teaching it.
        \_ Well put. If I were you, I'd take ONLY CS 150 and some other shitty
           electives so that you're up to 13 units. I spent even more than 40
           hours on CS 150 hardware project. And yeah..Smith SUX! Wait till
           next year...Anderson might teach that again.
           \_ How likely is it that !Smith will be teaching 164?
           \_ So what exactally is wrong with smith? I just heard that
              he's medoicre and boring, but so what?
           \_ I suggest you take a class with him then.  He simply cannot
              *teach*, ie convey information from him to you, possibly
              because much of it is missing on his end to begin with.
              Many of his cs262 classes start with, "Has anyone here had
              any experience with <OS of the day>?  All I know is what
              I've read in this paper.  Hold on.  Let me scan it to
              refresh my memory."  Then he runs his finger down the page
              for a few minutes while you're sitting in class.  Geez,
              he doesn't even prepare for his classes.  That's what he's
              *paid* to do.  They should fire him.
              \_ Wrong!  Professors are paid to do research.  Teaching
          is secondary.
         \_ Who are you?  Can you not know that teaching duty is part
            of every professor's contractual obligations?  They are
            paid to do BOTH teaching and research.  Period.
            \_ Guess that somebody oughta let them know that too then.
              \_ good idea!  who do we voice our concerns to?
          We really need to make undergraduate education a
          better at UCB.
          \_ How about seidl and dpassage (?) who are
             going to the faculty retreat this weekend
             to present students' concerns
         \_ Teaching is never secondary.
                \_ Well, the truth is that faculty candidates are evaluated
                   on their research activity alone, with no thought as to
                   teaching ability. The department figures teaching is
                   something someone can learn.
              \_ The point is that teaching *is* one of a professor's
          responsibilities---one that Smith fails to live up
          to.  (Speaking of research, he hasn't had an
          original paper published in years.  But that's a
          different complaint.)
1994/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31564 Activity:nil
4/15    Rooms Available:  in nice san francisco flat with garage and
        backyard.  we have a cat and don't want any more.  live with
        ..... keep it short.
         \_ How did you post that in the future? It's 4/14
         \_ how are we SEEING something posted in the future?
          \_ i am ahead of my time --  cali
1994/4/15 [Reference/RealEstate] UID:31565 Activity:nil
4/14    I need a 1 bedroom Studio starting next semester or
        late summer. Having it near campus would be nice.
        If you know of something, please e-mail - vlad@soda
        \_ Me too! -alanc-
        \_ Hey, me too.  And i don't even care about being close to
             campus.  -ciyer
        \_I guess that makes four of us...  -icrew
         \-sigh, i guess this is a good time/place:

        i'm trying to find an occupant for one of the rooms of my 2bdr
        apt in berkeley. details in ~psb/apt. mail me Qs if any. --psb
1994/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31566 Activity:nil
4/14    A list of book suggestions are in ~chiapet/books.
        If you have comments or would like to add to it, mail
1994/4/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31567 Activity:nil
4/15    O.K. This is it.  8>>> One STUDIO Available <<<8
        For information see: ~seano/classified
        Hurry and contact me if you are interested... there already
        applicants!!!  - seano
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