Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1993:November:15 Monday
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1993/11/15-18 [Politics/Domestic/California] UID:31423 Activity:nil
11/10  Thanks to a LOT of politicing from Senator Dave, and some last minute
        sucking up by President Seidl, the CSUA is now richer to the tune
        of $500.  The bill passed!!! - seidl
        \_passed by a vote of 23-0-0 --dpassage
1993/11/15-18 [Uncategorized] UID:31424 Activity:nil
10/21   Quotas have been lowered to 10 megs soft, 20 megs hard.
1993/11/15 [Computer/SW/OS/OsX, Computer/Companies/Apple] UID:31425 Activity:nil
11/15   The beginning of the end.  Apple is now selling a Mac with a 486
        and MS-DOS 6.2.  Micro$oft will own the world soon.
1993/11/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31426 Activity:nil
11/15   A multitude of whining deleted.  Go home to your mommy, please.
        \_ Excuse me? I'd *like* my home directory back, thank you.
        \_ You call that whining???  asking why the "usr2" accounts
           are screwed and not responding, while giving a "I/O Error"
           when you try to "cd" into the directory???  Boy, are some
           people on SODA assholes!!!  (just because their account is still
           there).  You're probably the one who tripped over the cable
           and said "I wonder what this is for."
1993/11/15 [Computer/SW/OS/Windows] UID:31427 Activity:nil
11/15   FSF Marketing has decided that it needs sexier names for its products.
        From now on, emacs shall be referred to as "Nerd Perfect Pro II", and
        the hurd will be called "GNU-DOS NT/2".
1993/11/15 [Uncategorized] UID:31428 Activity:nil
11/15   The "Fourth Annual Internet Programming Contest" is taking
        place Thursday this week (11/18)!  For more details see the files
        in ~cmlee/public/contest.  Full announement is in 1993.gz and
        samples from past contest in problems9[012].  (Expires: 11/19)
1993/11/15 [Computer/SW/Mail] UID:31429 Activity:nil
11/15   Soda's sendmail IDs as "Philmail" ???
        \_ You got a problem with that?  -phillip
        \_ Ah!  A beta-tester for the Philmail-philcompress interface!
           \_ I just thought I'd take this opportunity to communicate
              how distressed I am with this concept of "philcompress".
              It really doesn't follow the ethic of philware, and
              besideswhich, it just isn't very funny (not nearly so
              funny as "philzip", which actually works, if it were
              written).              -phillip
              \_ Would you object to having philmail filter all letters
                 through philspell?  And what's the status of PhilOS?
                 \_ PhilOS will be done as soon as I get done debugging
                    philcc which, among other things, will suppport
                    approximate pointer matching.               -phillip
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1993:November:15 Monday