Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1993:May:06 Thursday
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1993/5/6 [Recreation/Computer/Games] UID:31298 Activity:nil
5/6     Two files of interest.
        1.  In ~xxxxxer/item.list, a list of where all the items in ANGBAND
        are found.  Also, more information on "feelings".  Could someone
        who is group games copy it into /usr/local/games/lib/angband?  Or
        cat it onto the end of the angband man page?
        2.  The results of the HUGE pouring.  pour 234 1234 ... or someting
        like that in ~xxxxxer/hugetest.
1993/5/6-8 [Uncategorized] UID:31299 Activity:high
5/6     sequent netrek client fixed. ~mehlhaff/bin/netrek.sequent
1993/5/6 [Uncategorized] UID:31300 Activity:nil
5/7     I will be performing in the Student Choreo Workshop this
        Friday.  Come see some Grahm modern!  It shows at 4:30 and 8
        on Friday in Durham Studio Theater (in Dwinelle).  Admission
        is free.  Please do not delete this until after the performance. -hh
1993/5/6 [Finance/Shopping] UID:31301 Activity:nil
5/4     Now that the high speed modems are in, does anyone know the best
        place around Berkeley to buy a USR Sportster?  I know I can find
        them cheap, but what is the absolute cheapest they sell for?
        (non mail order) -xxxxxxmp
        \_ Price Club's Zoom 14.4K, v.32 v.42 modem's only $250.
           Too bad they sold out.
        \_ Fry's USR Sportster $210, external, fax
         \_ DO mention if these are internal or external
        \_ A couple of places in the current Computer Currents show the
           USR Sportster 14400 w/o fax at $180 internal, $200 external.
           (with fax at $209 ext).  Best bet in Berkeley is to take up Uncle
           Ralph's "lowest price guarantee" and haggle there, but most cheap
           places are in South Bay...
           \_ I paid $205 at NCA in south bay...  -XXic
1993/5/6 [Uncategorized] UID:31302 Activity:nil
5/4     The NEWEST (just out) copy of ircII, version 2.2.5 (bug fixes) is
        now compiled and installed as ~xxxxan/ircII/ircII.  Sorry for the
        last version -- there were major bugs.  -- xxxxan
        \_ Please make directory at least world-executable so that we
           can use it.  Thanks
           \_ Now it *is* readable, just forgot to chmod the directory.
             -- xxxxan
Berkeley CSUA MOTD:1993:May:06 Thursday